Gear: WREX Racing custom moto gear


WREX Racing will make your custom gear as crazy as you want it. Here's a full set of custom moto gear, which includes the pant and jersey.

Have you ever pondered what your signature line of riding gear would look like if you were a top pro Supercross racer like James Stewart? What colors would you want it to be? What type of graphics would you want on it? Well, thanks to the brilliant minds at WREX Racing, you don't have to be the best racer in the world to create your own signature line of gear -- WREX Racing is here to work with you to make your custom moto gear dreams become reality.

WREX custom motocross gear has been in development for ten years and the company considers it to be superior to all products manufactured overseas, and they even incorporate the highest quality textiles obtained from organizations such as NASA, and DuPont. Featured on the customizable pant is a reinforced ballistic Kevlar knee section that is impervious to both four-stroke and two-stroke exhaust temperatures and comes with the industry's only satisfaction guarantee for riding gear. All of WREX Racing's gear is designed and manufactured to your specifications relating to your size, color preference, and design.


You imagine it, WREX will make it.

Starting at $250 for a set of gear (pant and jersey), we don't think we need to tell you why it rules, considering a standard set of gear will run you around $200. WREX will work directly with you and your needs to create a one-off set of gear that will have your friends wishing they went the custom route. Designed with your name, number, and sponsor's logos on it, once it arrives in the mail, there's not setup involved -- just open the box, get dressed and go rip!

As for quality, WREX manufactures their gear in Canada using highest quality fabrics with safety, comfort, and style being the first priority. Whether you are a factory Team Manager or a recreational rider, WREX will fully customize everything to your specifications with no minimum order, making it easy for those who just need a single set of gear without placing a huge bulk order. WREX also boasts super-quick turnaround times and is the only gear manufacturer to offer a warranty on all products produced.

Since WREX Racing custom motocross gear is an in-house operation, it can only be ordered directly from their website at If you're tired of looking like everyone else at the track or in the hills, head over to their site to start creating your own signature line of motocross gear. Who knows, maybe your friends will dig it so much they'll want you to design them their own set of signature gear to rock. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

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