Potter flips natural terrain in Beaumont

Chris Tedesco

Todd Potter, natural terrain flip in Beaumont, Calif.

Today's freeride day takes us out to Beaumont, Calif. The Beaumont hill range stretches from Reche Canyon all the way to Hemet and down to Palm Springs. It can arguably be called one of the best hill terrains to ride in the world. With some of the rain lingering from the last storm, riders from all walks of motocross loaded up to get one final rain season session in, including Todd Potter, Jeremy Stenberg and Scott Champion.

One of the feature jumps was 140-foot fourth gear pinned step up over a hill, with a landing going down the backside. This jump was unique. You started up on top of another hill opposite of the take off. As you roll down you hit a set up jump that is turning to the left. Once you've hit your mark, you shift to fourth and begin a rough, choppy straight away, getting your bikes speed maxed out. If you're a rider, this all sounds simple right? Well let's add in doing a flip. Flipping natural terrain is not easy. When you get to the level of flipping natural terrain jumps like this one in Beaumont, you prove what bike skills you really have. And that is exactly what Todd Potter did on this particular day. He executed perfect flips, creating some of the best images we've seen all year long on a very imperfect jump. Check the photos for the goods.

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