Myles Richmond's long road to recovery

Myles Richmond's Moto X Step Up crash

The last time we saw Myles Richmond, he was getting wheeled out of Staples Center on a stretcher. A last-minute addition to the Step Up competition, Richmond looked like he had the style and height to go to battle with the big two. Unfortunately, a mid-air stall sent him and his Honda nose diving to the ground.

The end result was a broken left femur and badly broken right ankle. After having surgery and spending more than four days in the hospital, Richmond is finally home resting and getting ready for a second surgery and what is looking like a pretty lengthy recovery period ahead of him. Always in good spirits, we caught up with him to see how he was feeling. Myles, how you feeling today?
Well, I am feeling a little better today. I just got home from the hospital, I was there for about 4½ days. Just being home makes me feel like I am kind of on my way to recovering quicker.

That was a hard hit you took … we know the bike stalled mid-air, but did you stall it or was it a mechanical issue?
Yeah, the bike did stall in mid-air. I still had a stock Honda clutch in my bike. Basically when I use a clutch, I only use my index finger. So when I pulled the clutch in, I must have not adjusted it correctly because the clutch didn't disengage properly. When I went to tap the rear brake, the bike stalled in the air, which then sent me into a nose dive.

We heard it's an ankle and a femur … what's the outlook for Myles Richmond heading into the rest of the summer?
Yes, I broke my left femur and right ankle. I got surgery Friday night [June 29] on both broken bones, but I have to go back in for a second surgery on my ankle. The ankle ended up being the worst injury of the two.

As far as comebacks, I would really like to be positive and say I will be back on the bike before the end of summer, but I don't think it will be that easy. The bones I broke take a while to heal. I am just going to take my recovery one day at a time and try to heal back to 100 percent.

So then you are not done for surgeries …
No, unfortunately I have to do at least one more surgery on my ankle. I'm going to go see an ankle specialist since the bone I broke a bone doesn't heal very well. So I am going to try and get it done right the first time. The first surgery was successful though, it was to repair what I have in my ankle and stabilize it. So … so far, so good!

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Myles Richmond, shown in Step Up at the 2011 X Games, says he's taking his recovery from a broken left leg and right ankle one day at a time.

You looked great up until that point, you got in as a replacement for Mike Mason. Is getting the last-minute call like that an advantage in the sense of going in loose, no pressure with nothing to lose?
Thanks for the compliment. No, I wish I would've known I was in it a while before the event. I know I can compete with those guys, but you can't just show up last minute. Preparation is a must, you definitely can't just show up and expect to jump with guys like Ronnie Renner and Matt Buyten.

I am sure you watched the battle between Buyten and Renner by now … I know for me, I was scared for those guys after about 40 feet. What did you think of the size of the jump and the hits those guys were taking?
I actually didn't get to see any of the X Games from my hospital room. They didn't have very good TV selections! But I did look up a few highlights and saw what Renner and Buyten were doing and it is nuts! I'm glad I crashed early is all I have to say, ha!

Not sure how much of X you got to take in, just wondering if there was any event or trick that stood out for you?
Like I said I [had] been in a daze the last couple of days so I didn't get to watch any of the X Games. Just a few highlights on TV so that's about that. I would have to say I am pumped for Mike Mason for winning Speed & Style! The guy works hard and is one hell of a stand-up guy!

What do you have planned for the rest of the summer now that you are laid up?
As of right now I have to do a lot of physical therapy. But I am going to turn this into a positive and get myself back to better shape than ever before. I really don't know what the next little while looks like for me, maybe venture into different goals and opportunities. Not too sure, just thinking about some other stuff!

I know it's still fresh, but are we going to see you back in Step Up next year?
Not sure with that. Like I said, I have to be back healthy by the end of the year before I start thinking about that!

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