Come on, take a freeride

Jeff Emig, Josh Hill, Blake Williams and friends hit Oregon Dunes on the Ride On Freeride Tour.

On Aug. 2-5 Shift Racing rolled into Reedsport, Ore., for Dunefest and the first site in the five-stop Shift "Ride On Freeride Tour."

At each stop the public has been invited to join the Shift crew in riding and nightlife fun as the tour crosses the country over a three-month period.

In 2011 Shift decided to pack up their bus and head out to Glamis, Calif., for a fun trip of riding and shooting video. From that came the highly popular Shift video "Sandbox." It was such a success that the guys at Shift Racing decided to load up the Shift Racing bus with its team riders, hit multiple stops across the country and invite the public and local Shift dealers to come out to ride with them.

"It was about going and exploring these different places where you can just go freeride," said Jeff Emig, ambassador for Shift Racing. "[It's] not necessarily about being on a track or a minibike but just your general riding in different areas."

Dunefest takes place once a year and includes sand drag racing, vendors, food, night rides and music. Shift will also be showing their "Fresno Smooth" movie on a drive-in style theatre for all the fans. Attendance usually averages around 10,000 ATV or off-road vehicle enthusiasts looking to shred the dunes for five days on the Oregon Coast.

After Dunefest the Ride On Freeride Tour was at Badlands Offroad Park in Attica, Ind., on Aug. 24-26. Its next stop is Sept. 14-16 at Little Sahara in Enid, Okla., before hitting Durhamtown on Oct. 6-7 in Union Point, Ga., and finishing Oct. 25-27 in Glamis. There is no fee to join rides with the Shift crew. Shift team riders will include Emig, Josh Hansen, Blake "Bilko" Williams, Josh Hill and Kyle Partridge.

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