Ashley Fiolek answers your questions

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Ashley Fiolek says she's done with the outdoor series, but she won't stop racing and has plenty of options.

Last week on ESPN's X Games Facebook page we asked motocross fans to send in their questions to Ashley Fiolek, who had just won her fourth WMX season title in five years.

Here is what the 21-year-old MX star [ashleyfiolek on Facebook and @AshleyFiolek67 on Twitter], who had previously said this would be her final season in WMX, had to say in response to a selection of your questions:

Melinda Palinkas: Are you moving on to bigger and better MX competitions? Like racing men's pro classes? :) You have done wonderful in this sport, and have been inspiring to many! Do you have another occupations to conquer?
Well, thank you!! I am not going to be racing the MX Sports outdoor series anymore but I could never stop racing moto!! I might add some endurocross in there or some truck racing, who knows! I will still be doing X Games and maybe a man's race or two in the future!

Sarah Travis Margaret Cathrine Palmer: Someday I hope to be as successful as you! Snowboarding is my dream but most people tell me to give up. Did anyone ever tell you that you couldn't do it?
That is awesome!! I love to snowboard. Don't ever listen to negative people or people that tell you that you can't do something! Sometimes people told me I couldn't race or ride but I always told myself that anything is possible and I used that as my motivation to prove them wrong! Good luck!

Josephine Pioche: What is your next step in competitive motocross? Will you be in the FMX? Why is this your last season on the WMX?
X games, endurocross maybe some other races. No FMX for me at least not until I can do flips a little better! I can't say anymore than that for now but look for a press release soon!

Courtney Butts: My 10-year-old and 6-year-old daughters both ride. What advice would you give to some beginner riders?
Awesome … go girls!! I would just tell them to be safe and to take things slow. Always have fun when you are riding. If the girls are really into it, have them watch some "skilled" riders and then maybe they can try and copy them.

Ryan Hale: What was your favorite track? What is your favorite "fun" bike you have ridden?
RedBud in Michigan is my favorite Pro National track. I like to ride any bike as long as I'm having a good time!

Ryan Richardson: Will you follow in Travis Pastrana's footsteps and kick butt in RallyCross, you could be the Danica Patrick of Rally X! Extreme!
Oh, yeah, I have thought about that! I have been to a few RallyCross events maybe that could be a new career for me! I need to learn how to drive one of those cars first, ha ha!

Karl DirtybikeRider Rother: Ashley, my daughter who is 8 has been racing for three years now in hare scrambles, and enduros. What advice can you give her to keep her desire to win alive after bad, scary crashes? Thanks, Ashley!
Wow, that is awesome to hear! I would just let her know that crashing is, unfortunately, part of racing and she just needs to use a crash as a way to motivate her to come back stronger after an injury or a crash. Having fun is most important, so as long as she is still having fun she is good!

Dennis Ray Albaugh: Is the competition getting better and have you lost the desire to compete at this level?
Well, I think everyone has upped their game but that is why I went out and hired Tim Ferry to train me this year! As long as you can compete and stay in the game all is good! I am still a racer, always will be, and I haven't lost my desire!

Rae Ann Everett: How hard was it as a chick riding motocross, like did the guys give you a hard time, and is it hard to deal with the guys side of the sport being more popular?
The guy riders are not bad, they know we are racers like them, it is mostly other people involved in the sport and it is disappointing to work as hard as the men do but not be treated equally. We are all there to have fun and to do our job!

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Ashley Fiolek made up a five-point deficit in the season finale at Lake Elsinore, Calif., to claim her fourth WMX title in five years.

Bruce Gaspardi Jr.: Would you be interested in racing a snowmobile against, Patterson, Carmichael, Stanton and more? If so, get a hold of me or Tom Carson. You would get a whole week of practice before the race.
Oh, wow, really? That sounds like fun! I love the snow and winter sports I would love to give it a try. Thanks for thinking of me I will check in to it.

Chris Perkins: If you could do it all over would you have done anything different? Any advice from hindsight.
I don't think I would change anything. I always tried my best and worked hard. If you work hard your dreams will come true. I believe in never giving up!

Fintan Gersbeck: Ashley, what is the thing that keeps you going in bad times?
I think when I have bad times I use that as my motivation to come back stronger and better!

Kendall Elifrits: What is your advice to those who face such adversity as you did and become successful? Do you think the adversity drove your desire to be successful? Was there any point where you thought it would be easier to choose something different?
Well, I believe that anything is possible as long as you dream it and work hard. No matter what your circumstances are you always have to put 100 percent into it and things will work out. I don't think my being deaf drove me to be successful. That is just the person I am. I am very driven and if I want something I will work hard for it!

Nathan Mackay: How was the last five years of your life? And did you enjoy them?
The last five years have been awesome! I have won four moto championships in five years. Two gold medals in X Games, I have traveled the world and met some amazing fans and people! I have worked hard but it has all been worth it!

Ashley Fiolek will appear on ABC Family's "Switched at Birth" at 8 p.m. ET on Monday.

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