Deft Family collaborates with DC

DC Shoes

The DC-Deft shoe will be available Jan. 1.

Since 2009 Deft Family has been working on changing the way the motocross industry sees culture, fashion and style.

For Deft Family it's a way of life, a representation of "true family" they hold sacred. It's all about the fans and the athletes who matter the most to the Deft crew, a group of guys who all came up in racing or freestyle and know what it's like to only be as important as your last finish.

For company founders Nate Adams, Logan Darien and Brian Foster it's about a lifestyle you can live every day. They also happen to make some of the best-fitting and best-looking motocross gloves on the market.

Back at X Games 2009, Deft Family dropped two feature gloves that were worn by riders Adams, Todd Potter and Mike Mason. The buzz was huge, and the phones began to ring from retailers worldwide.

DC Shoes

You don't have to wait until 2013 to order the Deft Family-DC Shoes T-shirts, however.

The rest is history. Today they have multiple styles that include a signature feature from Skull Candy and now Deft has added a collaboration with DC Shoes to its lineup.

The DC-Deft shoe is all about keeping it fresh on and off the track. One of the features they chose was a material that would be easily cleanable after walking through the dirt in the pits at a motocross track or at an FMX compound.

Made by the iconic action sports industry shoe company DC, the shoe is built with years of athlete-tested and -proven technology. Anytime DC Shoes wants to collaborate with another brand, you know it's going to be good.

More than anything this shoe is a way of life and a representation of who you are. The shoe has that original Deft feel incorporated by Darien, the company's creative director. Also in the DC-Deft collaboration is a snapback cap and two T-shirts -- all three products incorporating that Deft Fam way of life.

Because putting on a pair of Deft Family products doesn't just mean you're getting the best quality products or style. Action sports is a way of life for many and Deft Family serves the purpose of creating a distinct outlet for that individual personality. Deft Family is a rider-founded company that is for riders by the riders.

The shoes cost $55 and will be available at and in stores worldwide starting Jan. 1. Available now are two T-shirts and a cap that match the shoe. Visit or to order. #LuvDeft!

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