X-Fighters rookie Carroll relishes opportunity

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Truman Carroll, 27, has been rising in the FMX ranks despite getting a late start at 21.

Blake Williams, Cam Sinclair, Rob Adelberg and Jackson Strong are all Australian riders who polished their bike skills Down Under before making their marks on international freestyle motocross competition.

Hailing from New South Wales, Truman Carroll will be looking to add his name to that list Friday when the first round of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour kicks off in Mexico City. Only picking up the sport of FMX at 21, the now 27-year-old Metal Mulisha rider, has enjoyed the benefits of riding and training with seasoned veterans Adelberg and Strong. If the short time he has been riding wasn't impressive enough … the X-Fighters rookie works a full-time job for a plumbing/excavation company.

After we got the news that Carroll had gotten his invitation to the Mexico City stop, we got ahold of him to talk about the opportunity, his career and on the tragic accident that killed Japanese FMX rider Eigo Sato last week.

XGames.com: Truman Carroll, congrats on the X-Fighters invite.
Thanks, Chris. Yes, it was great news and I'm very excited to be a part of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. This has been a goal I've been working toward for awhile now …

Where were you when you got the call and what was the first thought in your head?
Man [laughs], I was at work when I received the call from Tes Sewell giving my the invite. The first thought that went through my mind was planning out how I was going to prepare/train to do what I do best on the world's biggest stage.

The Red Bull X-Fighters is the pinnacle of our sport with all the best athletes, venues, and biggest tricks. So to be invited to such a prestige event has been a great privilege for me.
Truman Carroll
This has to be one of the highlights of your young career.
Yeah, for sure! The Red Bull X-Fighters is the pinnacle of our sport with all the best athletes, venues, and biggest tricks. So to be invited to such a prestige event has been a great privilege for me.

Before the invite, what have you been up to so far his year?
For the last two months … I've been training with Rob Adelberg, who is also riding the event in Mexico City, we've been practicing timed runs and our tricks on our new course, which was built by X-Fighters track builder John Pelton.

Do you plan on bringing anything new to the event or have you just been polishing your tricks you have and practicing run?
I do have some new tricks, one that has never been done before that I'm pretty excited about. But that one will not be ready for Round 1. I'll just be bringing my consistent bag of artillery ….

With this being your first X-Fighters, what are your expectations?
Training has been going well and I feel good on the bike so if I can just put together my run flawless, I'll be happy with that. X-Fighters has the best of the best and it will be great to see where I match up with some the top riders in the world.

Beyond the Mexico City stop, do you have anything else coming up this year?
I do have some shows and competitions, both overseas and here in Australia this year. There is also plans to travel to the U.S. and ride with my good mates Todd Potter and the Metal Mulisha.

You have some solid backing in the form of the Metal Mulisha.
The Metal Mulisha has the reputation of being the biggest, baddest team in the world. Whether it's gold medals or smashing records, the Metal Mulisha has done it all. I'm honored to be part of the team, pushing the sport forward and representing what the Mulisha stands for.

Last one, since Eigo Sato passing away last week … the FMX community has been coming together and offering up some words or stories about Sato, what was your reaction to the new?
It was such a huge tragedy to the freestyle motocross community, Eigo's family, and his friends. He was one of the world's best riders, but it was his actions off the bike that told you what a true humble hero he was. Always happy, smiling and would have time for anyone at anytime of the day with his big heart. I'm blessed to have known Eigo and the great man that he was.

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