Nate Adams forges ahead

Nate Adams candidly discusses his recovery from severe shoulder and arm injuries and updates us on his many endeavors.

In mid-August 2011 just before the last round of Red Bull X-Fighters Nate Adams was in second place behind Dany Torres as the series was coming to a close. With time winding down Adams knew he needed something fresh to ad to his bag of tricks, and while practicing a Holy Grab flip to no handed landing, disaster struck.

"While coming back onto the bike my right foot was just a little late causing the bike to dip to one side sending my shoulder straight to the ground." Adams said. An immediate trip to the hospital revealed nerve damage to his arm and would lead to dozens of doctor visits and poorly diagnosed remedies in the months to come.

After months of waiting and no progress, what was looking like a possible career-ending injury was haunting Adams until he finally found a physician who was honest and savvy enough to suggest immediate surgery from a specialist. They apparently caught the nerve just weeks before damage was irreversible.

Fast forward five more months through rehab and training we see Adams back on the bike and working his way back into health when a minor crash while practicing Speed & Style would leave him with a dislocated shoulder and another five months off the bike. Through perseverance Adams is now back on the bike again, riding in Nitro Circus Live in Australia and training for the remaining Global X Games.

Join us as we spend the day with Adams and document his first 360 to dirt since his crash [see above video].

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