Torronteras hopes for more medals at home

Ricky Monti

Edgar Torronteras continues to be one of the best whip riders in the world.

In his third X Games appearance, Spanish FMX rider Edgar Torronteras earned his first medal, a silver, in Moto X Best Whip last month in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

That milestone, combined with the prospects of riding before big crowds in his hometown, have Torronteras excited for more strong results in Best Whip and Speed & Style next week at X Games Barcelona.

"I'm so excited to ride in my city in front of my fans, but at the same time I want to stay focused on my training and I'll fight for the podium in Best Whip and Speed & Style," Torronteras said. "It could be like continuing my dream that started in Brazil!"

While photographing his training session [see gallery below] at his home about 20 minutes northwest of Barcelona, we talked Torronteras into taking a break to tell us more about his experience in Brazil and his preparations for Barcelona.

Training With Edgar Torronteras Hi Edgar, how are you? How did it feel when you won your first medal in Best Whip in Brazil?
I'm so happy of my result in Best Whip because this medal is the first one [since first competing at X Games in] 2008. Every time I fought for the podium, so this silver medal is like I won. You can't understand what it means for me to win an X Games medal. I [always] wanted to go on the podium, and it's a dream come true.

How will anybody ever beat three-time defending champion Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg in Best Whip [which is determined by a fan vote]?
I hope that here in Barcelona it will be less difficult for my fans because that is my city and my country too. And an important thing is that when I'll jump for Best Whip a lot of American guys are sleeping … I'm joking!

I don't love this kind of judging, but I think it's new and it's beautiful for all the fans because they can decide who will be the winner. The fame is too important in this event, just think if I competed against [Supercross stars] Ryan Dungey or James Stewart.

What do you think about Speed & Style?
I love Speed & Style because it's a mix of Supercross background and tricks on the ramps. This is the future of freestyle motocross.

When during the race you are wide open on a Supercross track you need to be focused and when you are jumping for FMX tricks you feel free and for me that is a mix of good emotions. I'm training so much to be faster on the track and [have a] smooth style on the ramp.

How is your specific training for Barcelona?
A few days ago I finished setting up my new Supercross track with a few little jumps and many turns like we can find at X Games. Before I built the new track my training was only FMX tricks on the ramp and some motocross. And now I can say that it is complete training for X Games.

Today [Monday] was the first day [of training since] my crash in Brazil [during practice for Speed & Style]. Now I'll be training every day. See you there, guys.

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