Bizouard rides for first time in three months

Ricky Monti

Remi Bizouard does a holy-grab Indian last week during his first FMX training since breaking his leg in April.

2012 International Freestyle Motocross Federation champion Remi Bizouard had plans for a big 2013 when the freestyle motocross competition schedule kicked into high gear this spring. He was on the roster for Red Bull X-Fighters Dubai and had earned his first X Games invitation since 2007, to April's event in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

But those dreams came to an abrupt halt April 12, when he broke the tibia and fibula in his left leg after attempting a flair during practice before the qualification round of X-Figthers Dubai.

After surgery, physical rehab and three months of healing, the French FMX star is well on his way to recovery [see photo gallery below]. He was back on the bike last week for the first time, practicing tricks into his foam pit in Faux, France.

"After the operation I started to work hard with the doctors and myself because I had the motivation to come back on my bike," Bizouard, 27, said last week during a training session at his home in the district of Bergerac.

That hard work, combined with rehabilitation of his leg has Bizouard targeting the IFMXF World Championship in China as his return to competition.

"After a lot of time on my physiotehrapy I came back on my bike and now my feeling with the bike and body is getting better and better," Bizouard said. "Now my training day is like before [the crash], or similar. [It] will get better step by step."

Remi's Recovery

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