Toy swords, a dinosaur costume and life advice from Los Angeles-based rockers FIDLAR.

Los Angeles punk darlings FIDLAR invited us to their studio/crash pad in Highland Park, Calif., to talk music, their first full-length album (eponymously titled), skating and art -- and to settle the age-old debate of pizza vs. burritos. They might be known for their party lyrics and crazy antics, but when we caught up with the guys we learned there's more to these dudes than meets the eye -- even if one of them is wearing a dinosaur costume.

FIDLAR members Brandon Schwartzel, Max Kuehn, Zac Carper and Elvis Kuehn are deeply in tune with what it takes to keep a band fun, entertain their fans and successfully collaborate as artists. Watch the video for some words of wisdom and to meet Critter, the skateboarding dog. But be warned: If you don't have "Cheap Beer" and "Gimme Something" stuck in your head afterward, your ears might be broken.

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