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Since launching "The Shetler Show" podcast in mid-December 2012, World Industries pro and All I Need skate-apparel company founder Anthony Shetler has been cranking out episodes at an impressive clip. Barely a month after its inception, the show is up to its eighth installment. There's an excitement and energy you'll immediately recognize whether you're viewing the show on YouTube or downloading audio from iTunes.

Beginning with an impressive cast of New England skaters, including Brandon Westgate, Nick Dompierre and Dave Bachinsky, "The Shelter Show" immediately sets the pace with its casual but personal tone. The conversations delve deeper than skateboarding and become snapshots into the lives of the guests. XGames.com spoke to Shetler via e-mail about his motivation and goals for his newest venture.

XGames.com: What inspired you to create the show and what makes it unique to you?
Anthony Shetler:
What inspired me to create the show was all the awesome people I have come across in my travels. Everyone has a story, and I love people. What I really think is unique about the show is the format: Each show is about an hour and a half long, which I think is necessary to really get to know someone.

Just picture an awesome, stimulating conversation with someone you're really interested in, plus the fact that it's video/audio instead of print; you can really feel someone's intent when they speak. The guest can really get their point across!

Where do you record your podcasts and what equipment do you use?
I've filmed most of the episodes in my studio office here in Taunton, Mass. Lately, though, I've been taking the show on the road. The last episode we recorded was in NYC with Steve Rodriguez, founder of 5boro Skateboards. The equipment I use is light and easy to travel with, so it's not a hassle to take "The Shetler Show" on the road.

I use a Samson Meteor Mic (USB studio microphone for computer recording); I picked this mic up at Best Buy [and] it is great for podcasting! It's small and easy to travel with. I use my MacBook Pro to record the audio and to upload everything online. I film each episode with a GoPro; [it's] super easy to travel with and the quality of the footage comes out great. I'm actually looking into getting the newest GoPro; I guess they just came out with a newer one.

The headphones I use right now are Skull Candy, but they are not the best headphones that Skull Candy makes. I would love to upgrade to whatever is Skull Candy's top-of-the-line headphones.

What's your show schedule? Is this a weekly or monthly thing, or is it just "it comes as it comes"?
Right now I've been trying to release them weekly, but honestly I don't want to put out anything I'm not hyped on, so I'm not going to just put something out to keep up with a schedule. I want to put out nothing but consistent quality.

Karim Ghomen

Anthony Shetler back lips a set.

Who's been on the podcast and what are some thoughts about each episode? Also, who is coming up next on the show?
So far I've had Brandon Westgate, Donny Barley, Nick Dompierre, Andrew Milicia and Dave Bachinsky.

Brandon Westgate is an amazing skater [who] most people already know, but he also has an awesome sense of humor and is a great storyteller. I feel like [in] his episode you really get to meet Brandon, not just [see] his tricks.

Donny Barley has some real heartfelt stories and isn't afraid to share them. He has experience [in] a lot of things in his life from being a pro skater [and] great father to now working at Element Skateboards, helping grow skateboarding. Donny is a solid person with a lot of passion.

Nick Dompierre went from one of the top professional skateboarders to a nasty neck injury that took him off his skateboard for about a year. In his interview, we learn about his return to skateboarding and what his goals are for 2013 and beyond.

Dave Bachinsky is awesome; he is such a solid person. In his episode, we talk about his travels all over the world and what it was like growing up in Lowell, Mass. Dave also shared with us that he switched from Vox to Axion footwear on our show, so if you downloaded "The Shetler Show" on iTunes, you would have found out about Dave's new sponsor before anyone else did. We also spoke about Dave and Manny Santiago's newest video project, "Salt and Pepper."

Andrew Milicia is a hip-hop artist that grew up in Philly and moved to Boston. We spoke about hip-hop and skateboarding; you also got a link to download Andrew's album for free! We also broke down what it is like to create a song and to produce an album. Andrew is a breath of fresh [air] for hip-hop.

I'm also gonna reach out to [pro skateboarder] Zered Bassett and Scott Chantos [president of World Industries].

What's your theme and goal for the show, and what message are you trying to communicate to the audience?
I guess my theme for the show would be upfront, honest conversations about life. My personal message that I try to convey on the show is that life is a beautiful struggle. Work hard and enjoy every second, because life is short.

Who are some of your dream guests?
I would love to have [Boston Celtics power forward] Kevin Garnett, [Rhymesayers hip-hop artist] Brother Ali, Tony Hawk and [rapper] DMX.

"The Shetler Show" is available on both YouTube and as a podcast; can you explain why you chose to present both audio and visual? Which is more popular?
Originally I only wanted to make it a podcast that you could download [just] the audio on iTunes. I feel like this is the way my show is meant to be experienced. The idea behind the show is to listen to it on your commute or while you're cleaning or running errands.

I understand that it's hard to sit straight through two hours of audio, but if you download it straight from iTunes you can listen to a half hour of the show, pause it and come back to it when you're ready -- just like a good book. You very rarely read a book straight through -- it's something you enjoy over time -- but I am aware that there is a portion of people out there that enjoys watching the show on YouTube, as well.

Who else works on the podcast with you?
My partner on the show is Steven Ramsey. He has been a great friend of mine for over 12 years. He is also a real interesting, genuine person. He brings a good vibe to each episode, plus he helps me with setup and ideas for the show.

Ramsey is also working with my sponsor, World Industries Skateboards. He is the team chef. Basically, what he does is cook at all our demos/contest/events, plus he has his own video segment for my brand, All I Need Apparel, called "DO or PIE" where he gives professional skaters three tries to land a trick or get pied in the face. It's just what skateboarding needs: something silly and fun! You can check out the "DO or PIE" videos at www.allineedskate.com.

We can have anything we want in this world, both good and bad. We just have to choose which one we want and work towards it.
Anthony Shetler

In the Donny Barley episode, you mention wanting to branch out from skateboarding and say you'd like to get a businessman on the show. What interests you about the business world?
I really love talking to entrepreneurs. It takes a brave person to start a business, and usually it ends up being a great journey with tons of stories. I also feel like skateboarders need to become great businessmen to help grow skateboarding. A perfect example of this is my friend Craig Pivia; he was a sponsored skater that opened up a Mexican restaurant that now employs over 20 skateboarders.

I feel like skateboarders are amazing people. Skateboarding teaches you all the tools you need to be successful in this world; now we just have to use them!

You're a pro that really embraces social media and champions it; do you feel it's part of your responsibility as a pro, or are you just inspired by everything available and communicating with your fans and peers?
The truth is I have a story to tell. My father was in the Devils Diciples [sic] motorcycle gang and was murdered when I was 12 years old, and my mother has dealt with a drug issue for most of my life. (Mom, I love you; please don't see this as an attack on you.) I was born into a family riddled with drugs and violence, which has made my [journey] almost impossible. If it wasn't for other skateboarders and hip-hop artists that grew up like I did that shared their stories, I would have been lost. They helped get me through some dark days.

So now my mission is to return the favor to any person out there that is going through hell and needs some inspiration. I promise you, after every dark night there is a bright day after that. So please hang on and be strong! We can have anything we want in this world, both good and bad. We just have to choose which one we want and work towards it. Social media allows me to share my message with the people that want to hear it.

Since you launched the podcast, you've been very active with it; is that partly because it's winter in New England right now or are you just hyped on the format?
Everything I do, I do with a sense of urgency. Don't get me wrong, I take my time to make sure it's done right, but once it is finished, I want to get it out to the people right away.

Losing my father at the age of 12 has taught me that life is short and you never know how much time you have, so I need to share as fast as possible. My whole life I have felt like I might not make it to be old. I really hope this is not the case, but I just have this feeling I can't get rid of.

Do you have any hosts or interviewers that inspire you or you think really get the most out of a guest?
My show was inspired by "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast; it is awesome! I suggest everyone check it out.

Since you're friends with many of the guests, do you find it difficult to challenge them or ask things that might be invasive?
I allow my guests to tell their story in their words. If they don't want to share, that is more than fine with me, but I am always gonna try and press the issue.

I want to thank World Industries, Solstice, Olloclip, All I Need [and] every person out there that is trying hard to make their dreams come true. My family and friends, I'm nothing without you; I love you. Anyone that listens to "The Shetler Show," thank you so much for all the support.

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