Behind the brand: Hess Surfboards

Go Behind the Brand with Danny Hess, founder of San Francisco-based custom surfboard shaping company Hess Surfboards

Danny Hess is a San Francisco-based surfboard shaper who has integrated his woodworking background into his surfboard design. His aesthetic is raw and his approach is unique, blending elements of performance and visual grace. Hess' surfboards not only look cool, but you can count on them to hold a rail even on an Ocean Beach bomb.

As surfers, we face a dilemma: We love the ocean and what Mother Nature has provided us, but we still use an overwhelming amount of harmful materials to reap the rewards. A number of shapers have taken this challenge head-on and have started to use more sustainable resources. Hess' ability to shape high-performance surfboards out of wood offers us a glimpse into the future of surfboard manufacturing. caught up with Hess at his Bay Area work space recently to learn about his design and production processes and what has inspired him to follow the path of the professional surfboard shaper.

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