Daryl Angel for Nike SB Chronicles

Ryan Flynn

Feeble grind from Daryl Angel, as seen in the Nike SB Chronicles "Volume 2" video.

Daryl Angel has been skating and filming video parts since he was a kid. The first part I saw of him was in Mike Stanfield’s "Filmbot Files." He shared a part with Ryan Lay, who has grown to be a great skateboarder as well, but what made Angel stand out even then was his style. Unlike a majority of young skateboarders, his board control and overall smoothness was light years ahead of what other kids were doing then. Although it took a little while, he ended up on Habitat Skateboards and fits in perfectly. His last Nike part was in their 2009 Amateur video “Debacle,” so we caught up with him before the premiere to pick his brain about filming for his newest project, the Nike SB Chronicles "Volume 2."

XGames.com: How are you feeling about your part? Are you happy with what you were able to do in the amount of time you had?
Angel: You’re never truly satisfied with your part unless you’re absolutely insane. I wasn’t as psyched on my part as I wanted to be, but I guess that’s a good thing. This last month I got a nice handful of things that helped out and helped satisfy me a little more than I would have been.

Were you healthy the whole time you were filming?
Yeah I’ve been healthy the whole time. I’m not injured or anything, but if you skate a lot you get sore ankles and knees so you ice them and take a couple days off. But other than that, everything has been pretty good.

Ryan Flynn

Daryl Angel.

What was your favorite trip?
I guess my favorite would probably be Brazil. It wasn’t really a filming trip, it was more a Luan [Oliveira] and P-Rod (Paul Rodriguez) kind of thing. But I ended up getting a couple tricks and I had never been there so it was cool.

Do you think it was because you had no expectations for the trick and came out with more than you had planned?
Exactly. I thought it was just going to be super sketchy but it ended up being a lot of fun. The food is amazing and the beaches were rad.

Did you do most of your filming on trips or in California?
I guess in between Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose, I probably got most of my stuff here. I definitely get stuff on trips but I think because I’m able to think about a trick and go to the spot the next day, it works out easier.

When you went filming, did you have tricks in mind or did it happen spontaneously?
At first I would just get in the car and go out trying to get a trick. But then toward the end, I needed to get more stuff so I had to get tricks in mind and go for it.

How does filming for Nike compare to filming for Habitat, considering Habitat's trademark aesthetic?
Habitat is more organic and about skating cool looking spots. I kind of skate the same stuff though no matter what, but filming for Nike is a lot more of a production for sure. I think my part will look a bit different than the other guys. But I’m pretty sure my part is being edited by someone else.

Jason Hernandez (Nike SB Chronicles Vol 2 cinematographer) isn’t editing your part?
No, Grant Yansura, who made the "Cosmic Vomit" videos is editing it. I wanted him to edit my part because I feel like he understands that style of skating and how to showcase it.

Did you choose your song?
Yeah, I got to pick the song. I was really hands on. I got to pick where I wanted to skate, the song I skated to and who got to edit my part. It was really cool. I didn’t plan on it happening that way but I’m psyched.

Whose part are you the most excited to see?
Probably Donovan Piscopo. People haven’t really seen a lot of him so I think people will be stoked. Obviously Ishod’s section because he is psycho. And I think Theotis’ part is going to be pretty rad, I think it will be a lot different than his other parts because we all kind of gave him ideas when we were out filming. I feel like somebody like Theotis has his stock tricks but he doesn’t even know what he is capable of doing. I think it will come out sick.

So you helped him step outside of his comfort zone?
Exactly. We weren’t coaching him or anything but just helped him to skate different stuff.

Would you say this is your favorite part so far?
Yeah. I think you always try to make your newest part the best one, so yeah, it is until the next one.

What is on the horizon for you?
Habitat is making a video with Thrasher and I think there is about a month left so I’ll try to get as much stuff as I can for that.

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