Brian Gaberman releases 'A Life in Transition'

Brian Gaberman

Levi Brown in Nagasaki, Japan.

Ever since master photographer Brian Gaberman relocated from New Haven, Conn. to San Francisco, Calif. in the late '90s and began working at the now-defunct, legendary skate mag Slap, he has been one of the most creative and inspirational photographers in skateboarding.

His unique angles and printing skills have always stood out amongst others in the field. Where many skate photographers are happy in positioning themselves at the same go-to angle at every skate spot, Gabermen thrives on creating unique and beautiful works of landscape art that just so happen to have skateboarding within their borders.

Brian Gaberman Element book release -- 'A Life in Transition'

His exceptional eye and peerless talents earned Brian the brand photographer position at Element Skateboards in 2006, and for the past seven years heโ€™s traveled the globe shooting some of the biggest names in skating such as Bam Margera, Chad Muska, Nyjah Huston, Levi Brown, Chad Tim Tim and countless others. Over his tenure at Element, he has amassed quite the archive of classic skate and lifestyle shots of the team riders, warranting Element to release a much-deserved collection of Brianโ€™s favorite photos during his time with the company called 'A Life in Transition.'

Purchase his new Element book, 'A Life In Transition,' through the Element website.

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