Tampa Am Aftermath -- Jack Olson speaks

2013 Tampa Am winner Jack Olson lays down a lengthy section for the "Homegrown" video.

I met Jack Olson four or five years ago at a Phoenix Am. He was just another typical kid in blue jeans from the Midwest. What was not typical though, was how good he was. After a year or so, he started getting boards from Real. It seemed that as soon as he had those board under his feet, everything changed. His style loosened up and he began to pave the way for what he has become. Over the years, Olson has grown into one of the nicest and most talented skateboarders coming up in 2014. After giving him some time to settle down from his Tampa Am win back in December, we caught up with Olson to find out what is next for still young ripper.

XGames.com: Are you ready to be put on the spot?
Olson: I guess. This is pretty much my first interview so I guess it's okay to be nervous right?

So you couldn't do this interview last night because you were playing ice hockey on what looked like a frozen lake in Minneapolis. Is that what you normally do when you're not skateboarding?
No, it is not what I usually do actually. I do it with Davis (Torgerson) and my homie Tim, like once a year.

Which team won, yours or Davis Torgerson's?
Whatever team I wasn't on won, so Davis' team. I suck at hockey.

If you got hurt playing ice hockey, would you tell your sponsors the truth or say that you did it skateboarding?
I would tell the truth. I wouldn't mind, but it would suck.

Alright, onto the real reason that we are chatting. Are you pro yet?
No I'm not pro yet.

Who are you officially Am for?
Osiris and Real as of late.

So you're officially on Real now?
I guess, after Tampa, Davis talked to Jim Thiebaud at Real and said he should put me on the time when I moved back to California, and Jim told him to tell me that I was on the team right now. So I think I'm on Real. (Through a text message conversation with Jim Thiebaud, we confirmed that Jack is indeed am for Real Skateboards.)

Cameron Strand

Switch heelfip from 2013 Tampa Am winner Jack Olson, now officially an am for Real Skateboards.

Did you feel any different after you won Tampa Am?
I definitely felt different just because it was an experience that I never thought I would experience. I guess it was a good feeling, but not too much has changed since then. I'm just skating like I normally would.

Tell me about your part in "Homegrown."
It is in my homie Tim's (Fulton) video. It came out about a year ago.

Are you working on anything right now that we can expect to see footage of you in?
Yeah, my homie is coming out with a video called "TWAVX," which stands for Teenager With A VX, but he is thinking about changing the name. That video comes out soon.

So it's mostly homie videos for you so far. Are you working on anything for any of your sponsors?
As of right now, no. But once I move back to California and start filming more HD footage, I will. There isn't much to do with VX footage for now.

You graduated high school right?

Then after that you moved out to California?
Yeah, but I had to move back to Minnesota because I was broke.

So what are you doing for money in the meantime?
I've been working a bit here and there at 3rd Lair Skatepark and saving whatever money I can, but I'm moving back to California soon.

What does 2014 have in store for you?
I'll probably not skate many contests and just film and shoot photos.

How long do you plan on living in California this time? Is it for good or until you run out of money again?
It is going to be as permanent as I make it (laughs). Hopefully really permanent and I stay for a long time.

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