Tony Hawk releases "SYNC"

It's been more than a decade since X Games Skateboard Vert Doubles said thank you and good night, but since then, Tony Hawk and Andy Macdonald -- the event's perennial gold medalists -- have kept the vibe alive with sporadically dropped video footage of some impressive close-quarters skateboarding. Their latest drop, "SYNC," premiered today on Hawk's Ride Channel. And this time, Hawk called on many brethren of his youth -- such as fellow Bones Brigade team riders Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, and Rodney Mullen, not to mention Christian Hosoi and Neil Blender -- plus a host of street beasts, including Chris Cole, Chris Haslam and Daewon Song.

"Andy and I used to work really hard putting lines together for those X Games doubles contests," said Hawk, who, along with Macdonald, took home event gold medals from 1997-2002. "Now with video, this started out as me and Andy skating doubles for the past three or four years and realizing we had a really good collection of footage."

"One combo in the video that was really scary was where I do a rock-and-roll and he does an invert on my head," added Hawk. "The first time we tried it, he took off too close to me and kneed me in the head. So the second time we tried it, I instinctively ducked, and he went flying over me and had to bail out upside down."

While SYNC is about 60 percent footage of Hawk and Macdonald, the rest covers a bunch of rippers that Hawk cajoled into jumping in on the project, including Rodney Mullen, who has a trick in it -- and that's probably more than anybody's seen from him -- in possibly five years? (excluding TED talks)

Another guest appearance comes courtesy of five-time X Games Skateboard Street medalist Chris Cole.

"I have a doubles trick with the man himself!" Cole told "[It's] a dream come true to be skating with Tony, let alone WITH Tony! I picked one trick, and he planned the line how he would go over me and how that would work, timing-wise. We got it done in a few minutes. He still has it like nobody else."Β 

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