Ryan Sheckler opens up

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Ryan Sheckler in New York City to promote his new sponsor Gillette.

With the global success of Ryan Sheckler's 2007 MTV show 'Life of Ryan,' little is unknown about the skateboarder-turned-celebrity. That is until today. While in New York City doing press for his latest sponsor's new product (The Gillette Body razor), Sheckler revealed that he completely shaves his body. Aside from coming clean on his grooming habits, Ryan opened up about actual skate topics such as the concrete deadline for the Plan B video, his thoughts on the new Street League format, as well as how he's perceived in the core market now that he has some distance from the mainstream TV show that thrust him into mega-stardom.

XGames.com: I don't know how many times I've asked you this in interviews at this point but one more time, what's up with the Plan B video?
Sheckler: Oh dude, it's happening now. We finally got a deadline of September 1 for the last day to submit footage, and then it's coming out November 28.

What has been the lag?
It definitely hasn't been motivation. I think it's just been getting everyone's ducks in a row. We watched all the footage so far at my park the other day with the whole team and the video is basically done. We just have a couple more trips we're going on and then the editing begins and then it'll be out in November. I think everyone just saw what's going on and got super motivated and amped up to get it done finally.

How are you feeling about the overall footage?
The overall footage is mental. It's insane. I think a lot of people will really like it. These dudes are working really hard like Felipe [Gustavo] and [Chris] Joslin and Scott Decenzo's part is going to be ridiculous. It's all really good, man.

Who is going to be the most surprising to people?
I would say Felipe but I don't really want to talk about who the guy is. I'll just leave it a secret but there's a dude on our team that is the best skateboarder alive -- he's not even on the website yet.

I've also asked you before but any street Danny [Way]?
Street Danny came out in Barcelona! We were just out there for 12 days with the whole team and Danny came out and he was skating. His knee is a little bit tore up but he was definitely skating and he really wants to get street tricks for his part. I would plan on seeing that.

Contest season is about to get underway. How are you feeling this year?
I feel good. I'm finally healthy and my body is good, ankle is good, I haven't really had any issues. I've just been skating a bunch and filming. I'm ready for it -- it's just another contest season.

Do you have a life-sized cardboard cut out of Nyjah Huston in your park for when you're training?
Ha! No, I don't. That's funny. Do they make them?

Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Gillette

Sheckler gets in a line at the Chelsea Piers park in New York City.

I'll make you one if you want. What is the secret to beating Nyjah?
Honestly, just staying on your board and staying consistent and not worrying about what he's doing.

They're changing the format this year for Street League to make beating Nyjah more realistic. How do you feel about the new format?
I haven't heard anything about it. Do you know anything about it?

I do. Instead of ending on the big impact zone that's going to be the middle section and then the flow is going to be the ender. So actual skating in lines will be the deciding factor and not stunts.
Wow. That actually sounds a lot cooler. That makes a lot of sense because at the end of the contest, that will actually be fun to watch. The big section, don't get me wrong, is awesome, but it definitely gets a little hectic when it comes down to that last trick that will make or break it. So it'll be sick have a couple tricks in there that you can link together.

It seems like an easy fix for them. As a fan of skateboarding, who is the guy you like to watch at Street League?
As just a pure skateboarding fan, I really like watching Chris Cole. There's something about Chris and his style and the power he skates with as well as the trick selection and how much he looks like he's having every time he skates. That's the main dude for me.

Which contest are you looking forward to most this year?
I think X Games is going to be pretty fun. I think it's interesting that it's not in Los Angeles anymore but I think that'll give it a new vibe. Austin, Texas can be sweet. But I'm excited for all of them. I just want to have a good contest season and drop this video and get ready to work on new projects.

Mark Kohlman/ESPN

Sheckler, seen here at X Games Los Angeles in 2013, is looking forward to X Games Austin.

How do you think Ryan Clements and his Boardr crew being in charge of the skateboarding at X Games will it improve the event?
Those dudes definitely know how to run a contest coming from Tampa Pro and Am, so for X Games I think it will be good having skaters working with skaters. It should be a lot better.

You recently reunited with your old sponsor Volcom. How'd that come about?
I've always wanted to be on Volcom. I felt like Volcom was a good fit for me and I worked well with everyone that works there. We had that hiatus but over the last year, I've been telling people I wanted to ride for Volcom. I finally had a conversation with Remy [Stratton] and he said, "Okay, now I know where your head is at," and one thing led to another and they were down to do it. I'm so pumped to be back in the crew and that I got to go on one trip right before "True To This" came out so I got a little bit of footage in the video.

A few years have passed since the mega-stardom from MTV. You've pretty much focused on skating and filming. I'm sure in the mainstream you still get recognized as that Ryan Sheckler from MTV, but do you feel you've finally changed perception of you in the core market?
I don't really know. I've just been doing what I've been wanting to do which is skate and film for the Plan B video. But I honestly don't know. I definitely feel the love. It definitely feels different than it used to but I wasn't trying to do that. I was just trying to get back to being normal and back to being just a straight up skateboarder.

We're here because you're promoting the new Gillette Body. Have you ever cut yourself shaving with it?
Maybe when I was younger I cut myself but not now. The Gillette Body really works good. I shaved my whole body to test it out.

Your whole body you say?
I shaved my whole body and it worked out perfectly.

North to south?
Yeah, dude. Everywhere. Got to keep the tattoos looking fresh.

You shave all your body hair. Little known fact about Ryan Sheckler. Wow. What's the game plan after you put this Plan B video to bed? Long vacation?
No, dude. I doubt it. Just plugging away. Keep grinding. I might definitely take a two-week vacation to the Bahamas.

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