X Games 3D Movie

There is a myriad of things in the "X Games 3D Movie" other than skateboarding, but, even if you're not that into Freestyle Moto, Motocross, Rally or Snowboarding, they're probably worth watching in 3D. For those of you only concerned with skating, Danny Way and Bob Burnquist are in this tre dimensional X Games blowout, which is worth a glimpse as Bob's Antihero tramp stamp is flying out of the screen. Even though he has realized snowboarding is his number one "sport," Shaun White—the Flying Tomato will be there as well. The movie drops this Friday, August 21st and will only be in theaters for a week, so if you're interested, go to movietickets.com to book advanced tickets. If you start feeling pain as Danny Way flies out of the screen, that's normal (just kidding, no pain will be felt in this film). Go to xgames3dmovie.com for more on the film.

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