Volcom Damn Am Final Results

Josh Brooks

3rd place finisher, Tommy Werner, went everywhere on the course from rails, stairs, pyramids and quarters to the bank to wall. The ams don't mess around.

The Volcom Damn Am finished off with the last 28 ams that advanced from Saturday gnawing at the course for the top spots . And, well...kids these days, man ... wooooo! They're no joke. Every little showing helps them move their way up the ladder, so they skate like their future career depends on it, because, in some ways, it pretty much does. In the end, here were the results of Damn Am 2009:

Street Finals
1. Luan Oliveira
2. Clint Walker
3.Tommy Werner
4. Felipe Gustavo
5. Brodie Penrod
6. Timmy Knuth
7. Louie Lopez
8. Chase Webb
9. Felipe Ortiz
10. CJ Dixon
11. Derek Elmendorf
12. Rob Maatman

Street Best Trick

1. Clint Walker
gap to backlip shuvit, 5-0 across and down kickflip out
2. Aaron Collier—backside bigspin boardslide on pyramid
3. Dylan Witkin—foot gap to noseblunt
4. Chris Mendes—kickflip backside tailslide bigspin out
5. Kechaud Johnson—foot gap to frontside smith on the pyramid rail

The top 12 skaters from the Street finals qualify for Tampa Am and the top two go directly to the Tampa Am Semi-finals, so you'll be seeing these dudes again.

The event showcased some unreal talent and skateboarding's impending future, as am status keeps getting closer and closer to pro, skill-wise. Check back for more coverage from the event tomorrow.

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