Alien Workshop collaborates with Andy Warhol Foundation

In what may just be the coolest collaborative effort to hit skateboarding ever, Alien Workshop has teamed up with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. to put out an incredible limited-edition series of decks. These boards combine Warhol's iconic imagery with each of Alien Workshop's 10 pro riders. The continuing creative push of Alien Workshop and their entire brand aesthetic blends perfectly with Warhol's memorable imagery. Five decks in the series feature art from Warhol's famed Death & Disaster series and five decks feature iconic Warhol pop art works. Dylan Rieder, for example, gets the famed "Banana" image and Mikey Taylor's board features Warhol's iconic Campbell Soup imagery. The performing art executed by the skaters riding these decks will be well complimented by the art beneath their feet.

Courtesy of Alien Workshop

Warhol and Workshop is a match made in Heaven.

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