Tyler Bledsoe Gives Us Three Minutes of His Time

Garric Ray

Tyler Bledsoe is on a tear. This switch flip is just the begining.

Tyler Bledsoe had a banner year in 2009 and he sure doesn't seem to be slowing down in '10. After wowing the world in with his part in "Mind Field," grabbing a few feature interviews, some new sponsors in 4 Star and Etnies and even getting some more sick clips in various web releases, Bledsoe wrapped up '09 by winning The Skateboard Mag's "Year's Best Am" award. Not bad for the quiet kid from Portland who, just under a few years ago was under threat of losing his Alien hook up because, though he was super skilled, no one knew who he was. Now Etnies is adding fuel to the Bledsoe flame with a check in interview and new clip. Keep it going Bledsoe.

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