Ben Raemers éStablished

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Slipping his feet into S, Ben Raemer's can't stop beaming.

Ben Raemers is the new bi-kid on Enjoi (by that I mean tranny and street specialist) who replaces Jaws, the old bi-guy. Turns out Louie Barletta liked English accents more than big teeth. As a result of his new board sponsor, things are snowballing for the lad from across the pond and now he's got himself a spot of the legendary éS team. Way to go, boy-o. Don't blow it.

How did you get on éS?
Basically, it all started when the Duffs days ended, then I was shoe sponserless for a while, just waiting for the right move to come along. It just so happened that I got a call from Sebastian Palmer [éS footwear's Global Brand Manager]. We started talking a lot and I was super stoked on the idea, and when I was in America last I went down to LA to stay with Scuba [Steve Chami: the éS Team Manager] for a week, that's when I knew it was the right move for me. So I met with Seb when I was back in England, and made this official.

éS used to be known as the "technical brand." Do you consider yourself very technical?
Here's the definitions of "technical in my dictionary: Technical (fighting vehicle), a fighting vehicle based on a pickup truck.
Technical analysis, a discipline for forecasting the future direction of prices through the study of past market data.
Technical death metal, a sub-genre of death metal that focuses on complex rhythms, riffs and song structures.
I would say if I were in the technical category, it would have to be the technical analysis.

Kyle Camarillo

Raemers' tosses a boneless in in the land of the lost.

Seems like an odd fit, wouldn't you say?
At first I was thinking the same, but then I came up with this theory: Say you buy a sack of potatoes. There's always that one really weird looking one with maybe a massive lump on it, that's still a potato! So it's still part of the family, you know what I mean?

How are your switch inward heel nose manny shove-it outs coming along?
Ah they're coming along just great! But it's the fakie tre out that's the hard one. Ha ha! I can just about roll down the road in switch.

What éS rider are you the biggest fan of?
Well, that's a tough one. There's too many to choose from. This is like choosing the best flavored Skittle. I've got to say I'm a massive fan of Danny Garcia, and John Rattray. Oh and Mike Anderson. Throw Josh Matthews in there. I better stop before I name everyone!

When, where and how did you and Louie Barletta meet and fall in love?
Well I'd say it was approximately the summer of '07. I was in Santa Cruz, I rung him up and stayed under his table for a week.

What does it take to be Louie Barletta's special friend?
1. The right atmosphere with no noise or visual distractions.
2. Agreement on interpretation of words.
3. Awareness of each other's attitudes.
4. Awareness of each other's fields of experience.
5. Awareness that people's perceptions are different.
6. Awareness of cultural differences.
7. Ability to distinguish between facts and opinions.
8. Getting or giving feedback or response.
9. Making no false assumptions about what the other party knows.
10.Awareness of body language.

Courtesy of éS

Even on the mend, Raemers is ready to go.

Did you replace Jerry Hsu as Louie's BFF?
We're all BFF! One big circuit of peace, love and harmony! I would buy each and everyone of them an item of their choice, whether it would be a dog or a broom. And I'm a vegetarian now. It's been four days so far. I'm gonna keep it up. BFF, son!

Does Jerry hate your guts because of it?
Nooo! Not that I know of. I hope not. What if he does? Does he? I don't think he would, but you never know. Oh no, you've got me thinking! Ok, I've worked it out, he doesn't hate me! Done, sorted, fineeto.

What are your plans while you're here?
I just want to be in the sun, be with some friendly faces, skateboard under the moonlight, eat Top Ramen, get an extra large Coke from McDonalds, get cheap stuff from Walmart, the House of Bagels, 7-ll. bbqs, coffee and all the things in life that make the world go round.

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