Lutzka, Gagnon, Bufoni and Ponce Dew it

Adam Salo

the men's park winners from left: 2nd place Ryan Sheckler, 1st place Greg Lutzka, 3rd place Chaz Ortiz.

Let's get the big news over with first: Greg Lutzka won the Dew Tour Skate Open here in Boston (full results). His switch 270 noseblunt down the big rail is a Lutzka staple, but he took it to the next level. He was consistent all day and earned the win.

Overall men's park was dominated by about five big names who performed head and shoulders above the majority of their peers. Those names were: Ryan Sheckler, Chaz Ortiz, Lutzka, Eli Reed and Bastien Salabanzi. Yep you heard that right -- despite a great performance and solid board control earlier in the day, Paul Rodriguez couldn't quite put it together to battle it out with the usual suspects in the final. The return of Salabanzi continues to intrigue the crowds as his board control and somewhat unique bag of tricks makes him a standout. Eli Reed, a hometown hero of sorts (he originally hails from Boston), surprised any doubters with a solid tech-heavy performance that kept him a contender all day. His switch ollie from flat ground to switch manual on the picnic table was a raw street move uncharacteristic of the park course and format.

Adam Salo

Women's park winners from left: 2nd place Lacey Baker, 1st place Leticia Bufoni, 3rd place Alexis Sablone.

Sheckler is obviously back to good health. His performance didn't seem at all timid like it has at times in previous contests this year, when he was still recovering from an ankle injury sustained at X Games 15 that required surgery.

Though Ortiz has been competing in pro contests for a few years, his pro board (the defining symbol of a pro career) from Zoo York was released barely a week ago. He honored that milestone with a first run that was a flawless display of tech skill. Who else does kickflip frontboard kickflip outs on command nearly every try? He's got a bright future ahead of him.

Women's park was a better women's contest than I've watched in a while. Where in the past it seemed that a large portion of the ladies were phoning in their performances, this year a few of the ladies were really stepping things up. Brazillian powerhouse Leticia Bufoni went for it like she were gunning for a spot on the Zero team circa "Misled Youth" era. She won, but second place finisher Lacey Baker needs a mention for style and trick selection a step above her peers. Her nollie inward heel off the wedge ramp was the highlight of the women's comp.

Adam Salo

From left: Sandro Dias with 3rd, Pierre Luc-Gagnon in first and Andy MacDonald in second.

The men's vert contest was a battle between the usual subjects, with Andy MacDonald, Sandro Dias and Pierre Luc-Gagnon dueling for the top spot. Surprisingly, last year's champion from the Boston Dew Tour stop, Bucky Lasek couldn't quite hang on to the runs he wanted to make the top three. Dias went big all day and spun with consistency while hometown favorite, MacDonald pleased the crowd with standout tricks including teetering bonelesses and front blunts on the ramp's perilous banked extension. But it was Gagnon whose tech runs couldn't really be touched by his peers today. Gagnon's switch heel frontside air 360 was a standout and that combined with some other solid tricks was enough to take the win.

Adam Salo

From left: Mimi Knoop in third, Gaby Ponce in first and LynZ Adams Hawkins in third.

Women's vert was a little underwhelming to be honest; the steady stream of frontside airs, backside airs and frontside grinds was not very different from years past. In fact, the only woman to throw a flip trick all day was Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins with a kickflip indy. Hawkins couldn't hold on enough in her runs though and was out scored by young Gaby Ponce.

Video recap coming Sunday.

Dew Tour Skate Open Results:
Men's Park
1 Greg Lutzka 88.05
2 Ryan Sheckler 86.3
3 Chaz Ortiz 83.35
4 Bastien Salabanzi 81.18
5 Eli Reed 78.38

Women's Park
1 Leticia Bufoni 84.13
2 Lacey Baker 78.58
3 Alexis Sablone 77.15
4 Amy Caron 71.03
5 Rachel Reinhard 70.28

Men's Vert
1 Pierre Luc-Gagnon 91.26
2 Sandro Dias 89.38
3 Andy MacDonald
4 Pedro Barros 81
5 Adam Taylor 80.75

Women's Vert
1 Gaby Ponce 72.51
2 Mimi Knoop 69.88
3 Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins 67.63
4 Cara-Beth Burnside 65.13
5 Nora Vasconcellos 63.63

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