Sponsor swap roundup

Sam McGuire

Moving up, Jimmy McDonald has finally been added to the S footwear team.

A whole bunch of sponsor swapping is going down as September comes to a close. Here's the latest of the team changes that have emerged this week. In truck news, Cliché's Javier Mendizabal has joined the crew at Destructo trucks.

Jimmy McDonald and Kevin Terpening are th new official ams on éS . McDonald's got a welcome interview on their site. WhileTerps's ad is in the latest issue of The Skateboard Mag. Terpening is also flow for Alien Workshop and big things are expected to come from him so keep your eyes peeled.

Courtesy of Duffs

A peak at the new Cooper Wilt pro model shoe from Duffs.

Pat Duffy and Dave Bachinsky both found vocal homes for their feet on the revamping Vox team. Duffy and Bachinsky fit in nicely with the rest of the pro squad rounded out by Dan Drehobl, Ricky Oyola, Ryan Smith, Darren Navarrette and Peter Watkins (who is the only person I can think of listed as pro by his shoe sponsor while not yet having a board out for his board sponsor, Black Label).

Meanwhile former Vox rider, Peter Hewitt has been officially welcomed to the Nike team where longtime rider Reese Forbes has left the fold. More on Reese's next footwear decision coming to you on this site very soon.

Finally, the homie Cooper Wilt, who is pro for Almost and quietly destroys spots in and around San Pedro, Califrnia, was given his first pro-model shoe from DuFFs.

That about does it for now but stay tuned as teams seem to be re-configuring at a steady pace this fall.

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