Tampa Am Day 4

Sunday was the last day of Tampa Am 2010 and it was a rough day to be a judge. The semi finals were one of the most awesome I have seen in a long time. Kevin Romar did a nollie heelflip front crook down the little rail, Timmy Knuth kickflip crooked around the crescent ledge as well as it could have been done and Elijah Berle was grinding up stuff.

Andrew Cannon

The top three at this weekend's Tampa Am: Elijah Berle, Ishod Wair and Jon Cosentino.

When the results came in the lucky 10 came up with Shawn Hale and Ishod Wair, who were the golden ticket winners. In the finals the guys had three 60-second runs and you could tell that the long weekend was getting to them.

It came down to three though: Elijah Berle, Ishod Wair and Jon Cosentino. Jon was landing trick after trick but a fall kept him out of the top two and landed him in third. Ishod skated so hard all weekend and it showed. He had one really good well rounded run but it was just not enough to take out Elijah. Elijah started his run by grinding up the rail and it did not stop there. He utilized his massive pop and smooth style to nab him the top spot. As always it was a great contest and the guys at SPoT were amazing. Congrats to the 2010 winner Elijah Berle and all the rest of the skaters this weekend.

Final Results

  • 1. Elijah Berle
  • 2. Ishod Wair
  • 3. Jon Cosentino
  • 4. Kevin Romar
  • 5. Jeffrey Marshall
  • 6. Felipe Gustavo
  • 7. Julian Christianson
  • 8. Ben Hatchell
  • 9. Kyle Walker
  • 10. Matt Berger
  • 11. Jack Olson
  • 12. Shawn Hale

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