New product at Agenda tradeshow

Courtesy of Agenda
Adam Salo

David Gravette's first pro model for C1rca is looking clean.

January 17 and 18th Agendat brought their tradeshow acumen to New York City. Not as big or with as much fanfare as the summer show or the Orange County shows, this year's Winter Agenda was a mellow affair. It was still a chance to see some of the dope gear that'll be hitting shops in 2011 and to catch up with some skate-industry friends that don't make it out to the big city too often.

While the California Agenda tradeshows are rife with pro skaters, the wintery mix seemed to be keeping many of the known heads in NYC out of area (at least before noon when I stopped by). However there were a few legends lurking around that, while still in skateboarding's mix, have begun to make new inroads into the industry that raised them. Real skateboards' Keith Hufnagel was on hand as the hands-on boss of Huf footwear and apparel. Like everything Hufnagel has ever done on a board, the Huf line is looking clean and cool as ever.

Adam Salo

Peter Ramondetta's new pro shoe for C1rca looks like it'd skate great straight out the box.

Adam Salo

Tony Trujillo's TnT Five from Vans gets the Spitfire collab treatment for this colorway.

Adam Salo

Max Schaaf suped up a Vans Era Pro for a 4Q collab that looks great.

I got to briefly catch up with East Coast legend Donny Barley who recently took a job working with Element. Barley also owns Providence Rhode island's Fountain of Youth skateshop; he keeps giving back to skateboarding for all it has given him.

Tradeshows are generally rife with lots of sneaker-heads and street-wear folk, which are polite terms for guys that dress like they skate but likely haven't stepped on a board in a decade. These street wear types are the general reason I don't linger long at tradeshows but there are reasons to stop in.

I did get to see some ill new pro models coming out for some skateboarders that deserve our admiration and respect. C1rca has got some clean new models for both David Gravette and Peter Ramondetta coming out soon. Both models look very slimmed down and give the impression that they're skatable straight out the box.

Vans, was holding down an entire corner of one floor of the tradeshow with their heavy line of shoes and apparel. Tony Trujillo has his fifth pro shoe out for Vans this season (which bears a striking resemblance to the Old Skool) and a Spitfire collab colorway will be hitting stores in the near-ish future. Keep an eye out for those; they're sick.

Vans also had a collaborative colorway and material design for one of the Era Pros supped up for Max Schaaf and showing love to his 4Q Conditioning motorcycle project. Max is amazing at life.

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