Face Time video with Jack Curtin


Jack Curtin gets his close up, talks about "Da Playground" and murders the San Mateo park in this Face Time.

If you haven't seen Jack Curtin's video part from the LRG film, "Give Me My Money Chico" yet go watch his segment in High Definition here now. We'll wait for ya ... Okay, now that you've got a sense for just how talented Curtin is, you can really enjoy our Face Time video that our guy in the Bay, Tadashi Yamaoda got for us with Curtin recently. Between tricks at San Mateo's Shore View skatepark, Curtin breaks down how his new deal with Fallen footwear came about, what he, Stevie Williams and the rest of the DGK squad have going on at "Da Playground" and everything else he's got lined up for 2011. This is a good one. Full video after the jump.

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