Amateur Hour: Tyson Bowerbank

Shelby Grimnes

A perfect double set gets complimented by a perfect backside heelflip.

Tyson Bowerbank is a brand new name to the ranks of sponsored skateboarding. After skating with him in person, it was obvious just how talented Bowerbank is and that he'd be getting hooked up really soon. Soon came faster than even he could have expected when Chet Thomas and the Darkstar squad came knocking on Bowerbank's door recently and welcomed him to the team.

Let's get this started, how did you first get on Darkstar?
Through that trip when you guys (Andrew Cannon, Chris Ortiz and Anthony Shetler) were out here and we went skating with Adam Dyet. After it was over Dyet emailed me and told me to send my footage to him and Chet Thomas. I guess they were stoked on it. Then they all surprised me at my house and welcomed me to the team.

So were you on flow before hand or did they just put you right on?
I was on flow for a couple weeks before everything happened. Chet sent me a package after we emailed back and forth so I could try the boards out. About two weeks after that I went out to California for the Damn Am contest and went to the Dwindle warehouse where I got to meet Chet and he gave me some more boards. He told me I would be on flow for a little bit and then out of nowhere they just came to my house.

Shelby Grimnes

For a young guy, Tyson has a deep bag of tricks. This impossible is a solid choice.

I saw your welcome video online. How was it getting a surprise welcome to the team?
It was tight! I had no idea and my parents and Chet planned it. And they kept it a secret from me. My dad made up an excuse that I couldn't go out that weekend because I had to do yard work and I was so bummed because he didn't want me going anywhere.

That's so awesome! What flavor of cake was it that they brought you?
It was vanilla. But I didn't get to eat any of it. most of it just went up my nose when they smashed it in my face!

What's the hardest trick you've ever done?
The back Smith backside 360 kickflip that I did that day you were in town.

I saw you do one at Damn Am, too. How many of those have you done?
I guess three, because I refilmed the one from the day you were there, and then the one at Damn Am, too. So I've only done three of those.

photo by Tyson's mom

This is one of the faces of a new breed of skateboarding progression.

You've only done three of those? That's it?
Yeah ...

Just kidding! That's insane! What's the best thing about living in the Salt Lake area?
There are a lot of skateparks and a lot of good spots. But it kind of sucks in the winter because of all the snow. But we have a couple indoor parks.

What do you do when you're not skateboarding?
Hanging out with my friends, snowboarding or playing video games. I play this Motocross video game that is really addicting.

How often do you snowboard?
Usually me and my dad go every weekend but this year we haven't really had the chance to go. I've only been up once this year. But next week Kyle Walker and Jack Olson and their families are coming to stay with me and we are going to do a ski trip so I'll do more snowboarding then. They came last year and it was a lot of fun.

Anybody you'd like to thank?
All of my sponsors and my parents


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