Thursday Vidiot


Matt Miller nosebluntslides a faux electrical box for DC's initials ad campaign.

We start things off with some professional skaters doing what we all do, skating for fun and having a blast. Kevin Coakley, Daniel Shimizu, Paul Shier and Gareth Stehr cruise some spots around Los Angeles in this clip.

The Fiveboro crew escaped some of the East Coast winter bleus by heading to South America a few months back. They just put together this little clip featuring Dan Pensyl, Dany Falla, Willy Akers, Jimmy McDonald and Joe Tookmanian to wet your appetite for their full length video dropping this summer. Can't wait for that.

DC certainly had one of the more memorable ad campaigns this winter with their initials campaign (the ones where you hear the old dude talking and see one of the DC riders hit a perfect looking street spot in slow motion). Now they've released a making of video that shows the building and skating of the spots featured in the ads and some cool outtakes with Chris Cole, Evan Smith, Matt Miller, Josh Kalis, Marquise Henry and Nick Dompierre. Crazy that they built all that stuff just for those commercials.

Krooked's Brad Cromer dropped a full part for his announcement that he's riding for Huf footwear. Kid is good.

Finally, who doesn't love Daniel Lutheran? After his breakout part in Toy Machine's "Brainwash" a few months back, Dan Lu keeps it rolling with this clip on the Digital site.

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