Pedro Barros interview

It's really hard for me to grasp that as amazing of a skater as Vans and Red Bull rider Pedro Barros is that he's still only 16-years-old. It doesn't make sense how someone can be that good, that gnarly, that young. But he's doing it and winning every pool and bowl contest he drops into. May 21st is the annual Pro-tec Pool Party in Orange, CA and Pedro will be flying over from Brazil to compete. We caught up with him to get his thoughts on the contest and being regarded as one of the best in the world.

Anthony Acosta

Pedro Barros locks into a Smith grind and takes it through the corner of his hometown bowl in Brazil.

Where were you skating today?
Just my bowl here at my house. The deep end is like 11foot, 8 foot in the mid section and 5 foot in the shallow end. It's pretty big and wide. We built it in 2009. That's pretty much what I skate every day. I live on an island in Brazil. It's real mellow. It's not like a big city so I just live my life skating the bowl and the vert ramp here, going to the beach and hanging out with my friends. That's what I do every day.

It's got to be pretty amazing to have that in your backyard.
Man, it's pretty sick. It's one of the things I've always wanted in my life. Since I was little, like 5-years-old, my dad always built something in the backyard. First we had a miniramp. Then we got a vert ramp. Now we got a pretty sick pool and a new vert ramp. We always invested all the money we had on skate ramps because that's what we like doing and we don't want to have to depend on anything else to be able to go skate. It's what we wanted for our lives, so that's what we did.

The Pro-tec Pool Party is coming up. How do you think you'll do and what are your thoughts on the event?
I skate a lot of pool and bowls so I think I'll be able to skate my best but what I love about that event is everybody is together skating. It's not often you see the masters, the pros, some ams together in one spot. It's special to see everyone going heavy and not because of the contest, just because of the energy that is there.

Anthony Acosta

Pedro Barros blasts a stalefish during the Bondi Bowl-a-Rama in Oz.

Who are some of your favorites to watch?
I like to see people that have great style so I like to watch Lincoln Ueda skating it; he skates like no one else does. Rune skates amazing with that super smooth style. Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Omar Hassan, Chris Miller; I love watching everyone skate there. And that bowl is the best. I remember when it was the old Combi it was really gnarly and I always got scared and didn't feel that comfortable skating it. Now, since they redid it, it always feels amazing. It's one of the fastest bowls you can skate. The coping grinds so good. Combi Bowl for sure is one of my favorite places in the world to skate.

How does it feel being only 16 and being regarded as one of the world's best bowl skaters?
It's pretty cool because I know I'm not. I know skateboarding is so much more than what I've been doing and it's bigger than just doing some cool tricks and doing well in contests. Everyone that skates knows what it's really about. I think it's amazing that people think I'm one of the best in the world but I don't really put that in my head because I know I'm not and I'm really far from being one. For me what's important at my age is being able to do what I do and meet people all over the world and travel and live this life I'm living. As for the best, there are amazing backyard pool skaters all over the world. I always think of Rune who can skate a backyard pool really well, a big bowl, a vert ramp ... Omar Hassan, too. There are so many people from Portland that rip, Kevin Kowalski. Alex Perelson is a really good skater that skates everything. It's hard to say who is the best. But for me, it's Rune especially for his style.

What do you have lined up for the rest of the year?
After the Pro-tec Pool Party there's Rune's contest in Copenhagen (CPH Pro). That's going to be pretty fun; I've never been to Europe. Later on in the year is X Games, the Maloof Money Cup, Dew Tour. I saw there's a Maloof Money Cup in South Africa so I hope I get to go there; that'd be pretty cool.

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