Thursday Vidiot


Rick McCrank frontside airs while in New Zealand on a bicycle and skate trip.

We start things off this week with Riley Hawk. Right after dropping a great full-length part, young Hawk puts out more footage at Quiksilver's Door 33 park. This kid is doing things, big.

The always classic, Jeff Grosso keeps thinks rolling in a classic style with part two of his love letter to Badlands at the Vans site.

Skateboarder magazine's Make A Wish benefit video featuring Joey Brezinski, Sebo Walker, Mike Carroll, Heath Kirchart, Jimmy Carlin and more.

World Industries pro Anthony Shetler debuts his pro model shoe and proceeds to crush some Northeast spots in it in this video.

Aaron "Jaws" Homoki got the cover of Thrasher magazine this month with what they're claiming is the biggest ollie ever. Birdhouse has the video evidence of the astounding feat here.

Riding the Long White Cloud is a bicycle and skateboarding journey though New Zealand with John Rattray, Cairo Foster, Chris Haslam, Silas Baxter-Neal, Kenny Anderson, Keegan Sauder and Rick McCrank. A full video of the adventure in five parts is viewable here.

If you've seen enough of Peter Ramondetta, you might not be a skateboarder. Everything he does is worth paying attention to. Frontside flips? Pete's got those. Textbook examples here.

Finally, the homies at Fiveboro, Danny Falla, Dan Pensyl, Jimmy McDonald, Joe Tookmanian and Willy Akers, have a minute of footage from the Astoria plaza in Queens. Wallie bluntslides on hubbas? Damn Akers!

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