Thursday Vidiot


David Gravette blasts a tailgrab one footer in celebration of his new pro shoe for C1rca.

We start things off this week across the pond in England with the pro debut of Blueprint's own Neil Smith here.

Next up, if you've got time for a lengthy dose of rough-hewn skating, Blood Wizard's got you covered with their entire new video online for your viewing pleasure. Want to see legends like Mike Manzoori and Chris Senn peppered in with current low-key rippers like Rob Mason and more? Look no further.

The Red Bull Manny Mania am finals at Stoner skate plaza were a barrage of technical wheelie tricks last weekend. Up and comers including Sebo Walker and Ray Maldonado showed us all what the next generation's talents are looking like. Autobahn wheels has a great recap clip from the event here.

After so much carnage, a slew of "Pfanner Pfridays" and heavy showings at several pro contests, Anti Hero finally turned Chris Pfanner pro recently. His debut pro part is online here and demonstrates the casual ripping and style that has brought Pfanner to the pro level. When you can backside 180 a 20-stair in a line, you're probably doing something right.

Corey Duffel week from Osiris brings us inside the day-today world of the Duff man. In part one here, Duffel shows us around his house and then hits some local parks and spots with teammate JT Aultz.

This San Francisco montage clip from the crew at FTC takes a second to get going but if you weed through the chaff, Jimmy Cao and Matt Miller footage will be your reward in the end.

Still in San Francisco, the Ezekiel team hit the Bay Area recently and team riders, John Lupfer, Derek Fukuhara, Steven Webb and Lee Yankou came away with a few gems.

Finally, everyone's favorite masochist, David Gravette gas a new pro shoe, "The Lamb" from C1rca footwear. Check out the footage Gravette put out to celebrate the release here. Wouldn't be a Gravette part without some blood and a slam of two, right?

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