PLG wins big at Maloof South Africa


Pierre Luc-Gagnon, backside air at height on his way to first place in South Africa.

Pierre-Luc Gagnon won $75,000 and "World Champion" bragging rights at the Maloof Money Cup vert and mini-Mega contest in Kimberely, South Africa on Saturday, narrowly edging out Bob Burnquist in second place and Pedro Barros in third place.

The contest was separated into two parts: half of it took place on day one of the contest and the other half was finished up today. Yesterday's vert final was incredible, but with some of the Skatelite for the event being held up in Durban at Customs, the pros ended up skating a contest ramp that was half-Skatelite and half-masonite (which is much more slippery and not ideal for vert skating.)


Pierre Luc-Gagnon, kickflip varial mute grab during vert finals.

But being the best in the world, the pros made due. Pedro Barros, who has been on fire this last year, continued his hot streak by landing back-to-back 540s in his runs. It was enough to get him into fourth place. Bob Burnquist stayed on and did a blunt to fakie on the extension of the ramp in each run and then followed up with a mixture of regular and switch tricks to get himself into the third spot. PLG did technical lines and stepped them up with each run, landing himself in second place, and Real's Alex Perelson came out on top. His massive airs, smooth lip tricks and effortless style got Perelson into first place in the first half of the contest.

The mini-Mega portion of the event went down this evening and it was mind blowing. Alex Perelson, who came into the contest seated in first, got his two out of eight lines dialed. Unfortunately it was not enough to keep his first place train on track and he ended up in fifth. Adam Taylor made some magic happen and blew everyone away with a 540 body varial to varial and landed him in fourth. Pedro Barros came out swinging and was doing no grab backside 360s over the jump and huge 540s on the quarterpipe. He was trying 540 kickflips, but was unable to make it in competition, and he took third place overall. Burnquist was a ton of fun to watch and landed an awesome kickflip indy over the jump into a gigantic double grab frontside 540. He too almost landed an insane run but was unable to during the contest. His other runs were good enough though and he got second. PLG destroyed the contest. Just like on vert, he landed his runs solid and then continued to turn them up a notch with his stand out trick being a nollie 540 heelflip on the quarterpipe to seal his first place victory.

On the street side, rookie pro Collin Provost qualified in first place. And with the course being so good, there is much more to come in tomorrow's finals.


Collin Provost qualified first in pro/open street qualifying on Saturday in South Africa.

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