Amateur Hour: Scott Decenzo

The irony that Darkstar pro skater Ryan Decenzo's "little" brother, Plan B and C1rca am Scott Decenzo is more than twice the size and weight of Ryan has not been missed by anyone in skateboarding. Scott's weight issue [which his brother enjoys pointing out in public forums] is only the first of many tragic flaws for the poor, younger Decenzo. For starters Scott gets very little sun living in the shadow of his older brother who is programmed to destroy contests and do any trick on command, then there's the fact that he's got the heavy burden of being an am on Plan B skateboards, which is stocked with some of the biggest, gnarliest, most successful names in the game. Yet for all of these shortcomings Scott is unbelievably positive and well-grounded.

Jody Morris

Scott Decenzo boardslides through a dangerous kinker.

Are you in Canada now, Scott?
I'm in Huntington Beach. I live in Canada half of the year. When the weather gets bad I come out to Cali. I live with my brother and Adam Dyet down here. It's pretty tight. We go skate a lot.

Do you feel a lot of pressure being one of the few ams on Plan B?
I don't know, as much as I want to put it on myself but obviously there is some. But they're my sponsor and I'm just a skateboarder. My job is to ride my skateboard and have fun. I try not to put that extra pressure on myself and I don't think they'd want me to either.

Jody Morris

Scott Decenzo takes a nosebluntslide off the dock and onto this box.

But you got Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez, Torey Pudwill and the rest ... and all those guys are so gnarly. It's a lot to live up to.
I'm not saying they're not gnarly ...

I'm not saying you are saying that they're not gnarly. What I'm saying is don't you get stressed a little bit thinking that you have those kinds of expectations thrust upon you?
Yeah, I guess. I think it kicks in when everybody is there and together at one spot or function.

Who makes you the most nervous?
Probably Danny Way.

Who do you fan out on the most?
Probably Danny Way.

Why and why?
He's Danny way! He's been through so much ad he's the most veteran. But there's Duffy too. I don't know how to answer that; it's like judging a skateboard contest it's so hard.

Do you have a good amount of footage for the Plan B video?
I think so. Yeah. I don't look at it very much, it's not in my hands but I think so. I guess you can never get enough.

Are you going to one up Sheckler at El Toro?
No, probably not.

Do you feel like you have to have the blockbuster part so kids aren't asking, "Why is he there?"
Yeah, probably. It would probably be good to come up with the best part that you can but I just try to charge it all the time. Hopefully it comes out good.

How much you weighing in at these days, Scott?
I don't know. I haven't weighed myself in a while.

What were you at your heaviest?
Probably like 189.

Your brother likes to take shots at you about being the fat one in interviews. What's something embarrassing about your brother?
I know; he likes to make it public. I don't know. He threw his girlfriend's bag of puke in the middle of the road the other day. That would be pretty embarrassing for him if I made him go clean it up. His girlfriend puked in a bag and then he threw the bag right in the middle of the freeway. It's stupid. Anything else? No, he's pretty on point. He doesn't really get put on blast that much.

Jody Morris

Scott Decenzo snaps a kickflip over a naturally occurring hip somewhere in the urban wilderness.

How about the fact that he's Canadian?
I don't know if I can bash on that.

That's pretty embarrassing.
No, it's not.

Do you feel like there's a glass ceiling for Canadian skaters?
No, not at all. Take someone like Mark Appleyard, he's gone the whole way in my eyes.

I think Appleyard snuck by us without us knowing he was Canadian. Is there a lot of competition between you and your brother?
Yeah, for sure. Friendly competition. We used to go in contests together and then it was more competitive than it is now.

Did you used to beat him?
I think once or twice. That's what kept the competition healthy.

What trick do you have on him in a game of SKATE?
Today I got him with a halfcab feeble grind on a miniramp. There's some things I can do if I want to play dirty like a fakie ollie into switch back tail.

What's he got on you?
A lot. Hardflips. Big flips. Then grinds, he has switch back hurricanes, switch 180 nosegrinds ... want me to continue?

No. Here's what's more important, who does your mom love more?
She sees me more so she probably loves me more. But Ryan probably acts better and is more responsible so maybe she likes him more. I don't listen to her. She has some crazy rules. I don't think that many people would obey her rules.

What else have you got lined up the rest of the year?
Just filming for this video, skating and shooting photos.

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