Thursday Vidiot


Youness Amrani takes a big leap with this switch frontside 180.

Tom Knox, no not that Tom Knox, is a new recruit on Blueprint and Emerica Europe. Check out a full part from the new Knox and get acquainted with a new force in skating.

If you haven't witnessed his skills already, it's time to take a closer look at Belgium's Youness Amrani. Newly anointed on the Nike SB global team, Amrani is also running with the bulls on Almost skateboards. The Nike SB crew recently sat him down in front of the camera for a little introductory video and got some of his skating on film as well. Dig in.

Can't tell if it's the 'fro or the flow but this guy, Albert Gesswein reminds me of Ron Chatman in the best way possible. Good style.

Gilbert Crockett footage is always a pleasure. This raw full part started floating around the Internet this week and everyone trolling for good stuff took notice. A Crockett pro board from Alien Workshop better be hitting shelves soon. His skills are undeniable.

The entire Plan B pro team headed out to Hawaii recently to do some demos and celebrate the 40th anniversary of Town and Country. This little vid features the whole squad including Danny Way, Pat Duffy, Pj Ladd, Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez, Torey Pudwill and Colin McKay tearing it up on the big island. Looks like it was pretty fun.

The Volcom crew continues their journey through the Great White North this week as Aaron Suski, Dennis Busenitz, David Gravette, Geoff Rowley and a slew of Canadian rippers here.

The Lifeblood skateboards crew went on a pretty epic tour this September and have just released the first webisode of footage from that trip where Kevin Kowalski, Johnny Turgesen and the rest session Minneapolis's legendary Hiawatha bowl and a slew of other epic spots. If you want to see some transition killers doing whatever the complete opposite of being a Barney is, then check this clip out.

Finally, the Ambig team swung through New York this summer and filmed the footage comprised in this clip featuring Clint Walker, Matt Bennett and Corey Duffel. If nothing else, that short glimpse proves that we should all pay more attention to the gnar that is Clint Walker.

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