Dirty South! Justin Brock

Mount Airy, North Carolina's Justin Brock is the perfect mix of Southern Hospitality and Dirty South mischievousness. With a pro career firmly established, a gnarly video part in the bag and a recent wedding handled, he's onto some grown man business. We checked in with Brock to see how life's been lately.

Ryan Flynn

On a recent trip to China, Justin Brock got airborne and blasted this ollie.

How's married life?
It's nice. I'm into it. I'm stoked. Ha ha! We're married!

Did you meet your wife at a demo?
Nope. I met her through some of my friends in Atlanta. I saw her at a bar before she saw me then I chased her down for a while and finally got her.

Ryan Flynn

Brock knows his stalefish airs are numero uno.

Does she skate?

What does she do?
She's an accountant for the Norfolk Southern Railroad.

How many days did you party on the Skater of the Year party bus down to Tampa for Tampa Am this year?
Dude, the whole time. It was nonstop. I think it was four days straight. Everybody in Atlanta stared partying as soon as they heard Grant [Taylor] was Skater of the Year. So we kept the party going all the way to Tampa.

Will we ever see a Justin Brock pro shoe from Nike SB?
I don't know. You gotta talk to [Nike SM Team Manager] Kaspar about that.

What if the kids demand one.
Maybe they will let me do one. The wife is down. She always asks me, "Why don't you have a shoe?" And I have to tell her, 'It ain't my choice, baby.'

Have you ever taken your "Brockjangles" pro-model board into a Bojangles restaurant to try and get free food?
No, I haven't done that. I wish I could, though. I gotta drive 45 minutes to get to a Bojangles down here.

What's your go-to combo at the Jangle?
Just the Cajun plate with a biscuit, french fries and a sweet tea.

Describe Bojangles to the rest of the skate world that does not live in the South.
It's pretty much Cajun chicken and biscuits, delicious and filling and you just might fill up the toilet right after but that has never stopped me.

Who's got the best trΓ© flip in the business?
Oh man, there are a bunch of good ones out there. Probably Mike Carroll. Yeah, I'm going with Carroll.

Ryan Flynn

This place looks like a skatepark but it isn't. Instead, Brock nosegrinds on a street skating Shangri La spot.

How come you are always hurt? Some say you don't know how to fall right.
I don't know. I have bad luck when I fall. I've been trying to drink my milk and stuff but it ain't really working for me.

Do you take your wife on skate trips?
No. But I took her to the Real video premiere and then we went to Canada to a another premiere but we didn't skate. She's been with all the homies on a trip though, so that sort of still counts.

What about to a ledge spot?
Ha ha! No. She's been to the skatepark and she will just take the dog while I skate. She usually wants to go home before I do so I don't take her out to a ledge spot or to the parks that often.

Could you choose between Georgia and North Carolina if you had to?
Well, I'm always gonna have to pick N.C. We gotta stay here [in Atlanta] now since the wife got that good job but I'm in Georgia for now and hopefully N.C. in the future.

What the best-kept southern secret?

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