Leo Romero -- SOTY, Eswic, new band

Ben Karpinski

Leo Romero, f/s nose in Oklahoma City, Okla.

Leo Romero had to pass the Skater of the Year torch over to Grant Taylor this year, but that does not mean that Leo won't shine in 2012. Leo's already riding for some new brands to start off the year fresh and working on two new video projects, as well as playing in a band with some good friends. Leo's non-stop touring and the never ending footage deadline could turn 2012 into Mr. Romero's best year to date. Stay tuned!

ESPN.com: How did it feel to be Skater of The Year last year?
Romero: It felt good. Been there done that!

Do you think Grant [Taylor] was the obvious choice for this year's SOTY?
Yeah, he pretty much nailed it and he's the man.

Who were some good runner-ups that you would personally pick?
Nyjah [Huston] had a good part but Grant took it.

I hear you are riding for a new clothing company?
Yeah, it's called Eswic. I'm stoked to be doing something new with Jimmy Arrighi and the crew.

Ben Karpinski

Ollie in Nashville, Tenn.

Who's all on board?
The team is myself, Cairo Foster, James Hardy, Ed Templeton, Stevie Perez, Dakota Servold and Donovon Piscopo. It's cool and I'm looking forward to traveling with the bros soon!

You recently went back to Pig Wheels too right?
Yeah, I'm riding for Pig Wheels again and have two new wheels out right now.

What video projects are you working on for 2012?
I'm working on the Emerica video and the next Toy Machine video. Both are kinda promo-ish video projects from what I know. But then again, "Brainwash" was supposed to be a promo video, and that developed into a full-length at the last minute.

I hear you started a band and played a couple of shows?
Yeah that's right.

What's it called?

Cuates means bros, right?
Yeah bros in Spanish.

Have you recorded anything yet?
Yeah, we got a few songs, probably like 15 songs and a few recorded.

What's the Facebook page?

Where are you gonna record the first album at?
I guess we will just record stuff in the extra rooms in my house. We got a few mic's and simple stuff.

What are the chances of you recording your first album in Memphis, Tenn. at Sun Studios?
Sun Studios? Haha good, real good. That would be nice.

Ben Karpinski

Leo at Sun Studios, the birthplace of rock 'n' roll, in Memphis, Tenn.

Remember the girl that worked there that gave us skate spots when we passed through on our last tour?
Yeah that was cool, I must say.

Should we do a full Memphis tour this year where we skate then you and [Josh] Harmony play a few shows?
Wait, are you serious? That would seriously be a good trip. Let's make that happen.

I'll see what I can do.

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