Dan Murphy -- Foundation pro, dog trainer


Dan Murphy and Indy.

According to the Foundation site," Dan Murphy is the only Foundation Pro to graduate college." And according to the following interview, Dan Murphy now uses that college degree to break up fights between friends and help people with relationship issues. Enter the mind of Dan Murphy.

ESPN.com: What's new Dan? How's the new year treating you back east?
Murphy: Not too bad, but I just broke my toe which is stupid and painful, I did some manuals yesterday so i'm on the road to toe recovery. Looking forward to healing up that's for sure.

What do you do when it snows and you have ad deadlines?
Luckily, the winter here in North Carolina has been quite nice. It sucks when it's below freezing and it doesn't even snow though. I'd rather see some snow. If it snows enough though, I'll probably do what I used to do up in New Hampshire. I use to get the shovel out, clean out a spot, wait for the sun to dry it up or use Bob's leaf blower, and try to get buck.

How was filming for "WTF"?
It was interesting. We didn't really have funding for any trips so I organized a bunch up driving trips up and down the east coast, which was challenging but fun. Met some cool people, skated some new spots, and racked up miles on the caddy. Looking back, it was some good times!

Who had your favorite part in "WTF"?
Man, everybody really came through, but I was really impressed with the all the new guys. I thought they really held it down. Dakota with his undeniable abilities on any variety of kinkers, Ryan with his well-rounded and powerful skill on any terrain, and Taylor Smith with his steez and his style for miles.

What trick in "WTF" did you battle the hardest?
Probably my last trick the backside 180. You have to go so fast at that thing to clear it, and it's hard to keep control. The ground is rough and I was getting speed wobbles so bad on the landing. I just stuck with it, shed some blood and eventually rode away.


Switch ollie in Boston, Mass.

You earned yourself a college degree in psychology. How often do you actually use your degree?
I probably use it unconsciously more often than I think, especially when I'm drunk and breaking up a fight between friends or helping with other friends with relationship issues. Not really trying to act smart though, just helpful.

What was your back up major?
I minored in Parks & Recreation Management. I always wanted to open and run my own skatepark.

Do you think you will ever return to school?
Honestly, if it wasn't so expensive, I would surely go back and get my PhD. Why stop with a bachelor's degree when I could do a few more years and be a doctor?

What talents do you have outside of skateboarding?
Dog training, laughing.

Who's a better freestyler -- you or Nick Merlino?
I'm sure Merlino. I can't freestyle, maybe occasionally I'll dabble with some spoken word though.

Do you think Jereme Rogers has a chance in the hip hop game?
Some of the wildest people I know have become successful through their crazy-ness, so nothing surprises me. But honestly I think he's lost his damn mind. It's entertaining.

I hear you are a big Riff Raff fan, please explain why?
That's exactly what I'm talking about with dumb entertainment. It's so wack you got to love it. Riff Raff is one crazy dude. Yeah, he raps, but that part is whatever. His whole character is just so dumb. He can be talking about nothing, not make any sense, and you're drawn to it -- you can't tell if he's being real or not. He talks crazy, his accent and vocabulary is hilarious, and he's always so messed up. It's pure entertainment. Check out his 'Master Swag' video and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Brian Nevins

"I just broke my toe which is stupid and painful, I did some manuals yesterday so I'm on the road to toe recovery," says Murphy.

Do you have a clothing sponsor?
I still get stuff from KR3W because I love their stuff and they still got my back.

I heard you are responsible for naming LACED?
I took place in the process. Jake Brown and I met to discuss possible names often and when it came down to it, that name was the best. There's a sneaker shop in Boston named Laced and I always thought it would work great for an apparel company's name.

Do you have ownership in the brand?
Jake has mentioned a small percentage, but we'll see. He did just hit me up yesterday for some tricks in a new full length skate video they are working on.

Have you been on a LACED tour? Those look like the best time ever, especially if you want to go to jail.
I'm not really trying to go to jail again. 2012 has started out rough legally speaking. I think I'm going to try and stay out of trouble, just lay low for awhile. But I am backing 'LACED' 100%. Those are my boys and we stick together.

What's coming up for Dan Murphy in 2012?
I would like to work on a video part for X Games "Real Street" but right now I just want to get that toe all healed up and be in the streets.

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