Mike Mo's Australian Top 10 list

Mike Blabac

Chris Cole, left, and Mike Mo take a break between runs on an Aussie stair set.

Not long ago it was announced that Nyjah Huston and Girl Skateboards pro Mike Mo Capaldi were added to the DC Shoes team. No time was wasted in getting them out there to mesh with the team and get to know everyone.

The two just returned from their maiden DC voyage to Australia. The footage speaks for itself but we figured it would be cool to ask Mike Mo for his Top 10 things about his first DC trip to Australia:

  • Finally got to go on a trip with Mikey [Taylor], we've talked about it for years. And it finally happened.
  • Mike Blabac

    DC team riders, from left, Mikey Taylor, Mike Mo and Chris Cole talk it over in Australia.

  • Everyone on the team is amazing skaters, and awesome dudes to kick it with
  • Got an unlocked iPhone for the trip, so I could have 3G all day and iMessage all day.
  • With only $40 prepaid SIM [Subscriber Identification Module] card! Best thing I've ever bought.
  • We invented #splatting! It's pretty much the reversed version of Planking but you just splat on objects.
  • Went to my first aquarium, saw sharks and whales!
  • All the Australian dudes on the trip shred, and they are absolutely out of their minds. In a good way.
  • Renegades with [Chris] Cole!
  • Tim tans.
  • My adventure with Cole trying to buy an iPhone. Took about six hours and we failed. Australia is tight!

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