Street League introduces 'The Selection'

The Street League on Tuesday revealed plans for "The Selection," its new strategy to fill the final six spots in its all-star roster of competitors.

The Selection will consist of never-before-seen short video clips by 10 of the hottest rookies from the United States and 15 from Europe, while the fans, Street League judges and current Street League pros vote for the best video parts.

On April 2 each skater's video edit will debut at The Berrics, where the world can chime in regarding who should compete in the 2012 Street League. Five skaters from the United States will be chosen while only one from the European selection will make it to the big stage.

"We've created The Selection to ensure that up-and-coming pros have an opportunity to win their way into Street League and compete with the World's best, and that fans' voices are heard," Street League founder Rob Dyrdek said in a news release. "The six new rookie pros in the league will make for an even more exciting 2012 tour."

The term "fan participation" takes on a whole new meaning with "The Selection." As skateboarders we are extremely protective of our world and sometimes the Street League may seem a bit larger than life and out of our reach. But with The Selection Dyrdek has brought the fans back into the fold and given us a say. Regardless of who gets to compete, we get 25 new video parts by some of biggest up-and-coming professional skateboarders today.

The invited U.S. pros are:

Ishod Wair
Austyn Gillette
Ryan Decenzo
Tom Asta
Matt Miller
Jack Curtin
Vincent Alvarez
Chima Ferguson
Jordan Hoffart
Jimmy Carlin

The invited European Pros are:

Chris Pfanner
Albert Nyberg
Jani Laitala
Javier Sarmiento
Josef Scott
Michael Mackrodt
Manuel Margreitter
Wieger Van Wageningen
Roberto Aleman
Max Genin
Chris Oliver
Neil Smith
Bastien Salabanzi
Thomas Skejkal

By the end of April Street League will announce the six new pros who will go head-to-head with the top 18 returning Street League veterans. That list includes stars such as Nyjah Huston, Chris Cole, Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, Paul Rodriguez, Billy Marks, Eric Koston and Sean Malto, the 2011 Street League champion. Keep an eye on, with additional coverage at, for all things relating to "The Selection" and to cast your vote.

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