No more questions for Ben Raemers

Matt Price

Enjoi Skateboards am Ben Raemers.

Enjoi Skateboards' own Ben Raemers came to America from Essex, England with only one goal: put éS Footwear out of business. And he succeeded. I kid, of course, but poor Ben can't help but wonder if he was some sort of jinx that help kill the brand since it seemed to happen immediately after he got on the team. In the time since, he's taken up permanent residency in the States and has been filming for something really hard -- he's just not sure what. What's going on with you these days, Ben?
Raemers: Nothing really, just skating. That's about it. Living in San Jose for the moment. I'm pretty much living here most of the time now, like nine months out of the year. It's sick. I'm loving it. At the moment, I'm living at Jerry Hsu's house because he moved to Los Angles and he still has his house in San Jose. We were in a trip to Australia and he told me he was moving to LA and he told me I can live in his room and pay rent. So me and my friend Carson have bunk beds -- I'm on the top bunk.

And there's some ladies living there?
Yeah, there's two girls that live there. They're cool. My friend Eric also lives in the basement, there's five of us living in the house. It's good. A lot of things going on, always people to talk to, you never get lonely.

Matt Price

Steep 50 grind from Raemers.

How did they break the news to you that you put éS out of business?
I just got a phone call. We were supposed to do Thrasher's King of the Road. I got a phone call from them and I was like, "Sick! It's going to be about King of the Road." I picked up the phone and then they broke the news to me that éS was going out. I was like, "Aww, man." It's bad times, man, bad times.

Did he tell you it was your fault?
No, he didn't actually tell me that but I kind of have that feeling in the back of my head that it could have been my fault because it was just after I got on that it went under. Maybe it is my fault?

Are you generally bad luck?
Maybe. I quite literally had that feeling that it was my fault. You're the first person that I've ever spoken to about it. I'm pretty sure it could have been partly my fault that it's gone out of business.

Are you nervous that you might put Enjoi out of business?
I haven't thought about it and I don't want to think about it because if you think about stuff it happens.

Have they hinted towards firing you or turning you pro?
Enjoi? I don't really know. I'm just trying to live the dream as long as I can. I'm hoping I don't get fired because that would be terrible.

And if you got turned pro?
Oh, I've never ever thought about that. I don't know if that would ever happen. That would be the craziest thing ever. If you're pro, it's just madness to think about.

Are you walking around barefoot or do you have a new shoe sponsor now?
It's actually quite funny because I am walking around barefoot right now. But I don't have a new shoe sponsor yet. Hopefully there's something in the future. Maybe something will come around. I'm kind of talking to Converse. I love the shoes. I went to Texas for that SXSW thing that Converse did but I'm not too sure what's going to happen. It would be sick if something happened.

Matt Price

Ollie over the rail into the ledge.

What are you working on these days? A new Tiltmode or Enjoi video?
All I know is that I'm really bad at knowing stuff, to be honest. I never really asked. But I've been filming with Enjoi a lot so I think there's something in the future coming.

I'm told by one of the guys at Enjoi that you're as smart as a 12-year-old. Is that true?
I reckon I'm smarter than a 12-year-old. I know a 12-year-old kid and I'm definitely smarter than him. I outsmart him all the time. I'm the smartest geezer on the Enjoi team. I just act dumb because then no one asks you any questions.

Okay. I'll stop asking you questions then.

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