Five make Street League 'Selection'

At the end of March, Street League announced it would be allowing six new skateboarders to be voted into this year's contest with what they call "The Selection."

On Monday the American Selection came to an end with the announcement of five new pros -- Jimmy Carlin, Austyn Gillette, Tom Asta, Ishod Wair and Matt Miller -- all being given a shot at winning $150,000.

"The Selection" is made up of two separate qualifiers, one consisting of 10 American pros, and the other being 14 European pros. The fans, Street League judges and the other pros already in the contest each were given one-third of the voting power. With five pros coming from the American list and one from the European list, Street League is looking to make 2012 the best season yet.

"'The Selection' qualifier has been an exciting lead-up element heading into the 2012 series. For 10 amazing pros to submit footage to hopefully win a spot to skate in Street League is a testament to the evolution of the tour," Brian Atlas, Street League's general manager, said. "We're anxious to see how these new guys will fair next month in Kansas City. It's going to be interesting."

Miller, who is a longtime DC rider and was at each stop of the tour last year supporting his teammates, said he felt, "So psyched and thankful to everyone who had a part in it." With Miller's huge pop and nollie skill, he will bring something distinct to the event. When asked if he thinks he can beat Nyjah Huston, who won at three of the four stops last year, he calmly replied, "Yes …" and then started to laugh.

No stranger to contest victory, Ishod Wair, said he was "super hyped" to have the opportunity to skate in Street League this year, but that does not mean he thinks he can beat Huston. Being a rookie pro, Wair had won almost every amateur event he entered and then capped it off by taking first place in Maloof Money Cup in South Africa last year.

If he were to continue his reign of domination though, he assured us if he won the money he would save it and not spend it lavishly, "Except for the occasional broken phone."

The European Selection is under way, so go and vote for the one skater you would like to see in this year's Street League.

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