Mark "Red" Scott joins Lifeblood

Bryce Kanights

Red blasts frontside off the cinderblock wall at Burnside.

Over the past several months the Northwest's very own Mark "Red" Scott has been skating with Lifeblood Skateboards' team riders Kevin Kowalski and Cody Lockwood. And despite their age difference, they've been tearing up all sorts of terrain together with skateboarding as a common bond.

So it came as no surprise when Cody and Kevin approached me to put Red on the team. It was a "no brainer" decision. I'd known Red for years and he truly fit the growing skateboard brand, Lifeblood, we have based here in Portland, Ore. Once we worked out the details and made sure that all was cool with his former sponsor he began to skate with us more regularly and we worked on his ideas for a signature model due out this summer.

"I'm fired up on the small group of young guns that rip under the Lifeblood name", said Red. "They skate for the right reasons and are taking it to the next level!"

Earlier this week Mark "Red" Scott was welcomed to the Lifeblood team along with a video clip filmed at Burnside Skatepark within a 90-minute period. The location of choice was obvious and the decision and directive was to show him just doing his thing under the eastern side of Portland's Burnside Bridge that he helped to build a couple of decades ago.

For those that might not know, Red, along with several other people back in October of 1990, built Burnside, the DIY grandfather of all modern day skateparks. Adopted by the city and regulated by the skaters themselves, Burnside Skatepark still thrives and regularly hosts heated sessions. Burnside has become the template and inspiration for all DIY skateparks throughout the world over the last 20+ years.

"By joining the Lifeblood crew it's given me a new spark to keep doing what I do and to take time off of work a bit more and to skate. I'm stoked and I'm ready for summer!" Red asserts, with a bead of sweat dripping from his brow.

It's apparent through and through, that Red is a lifer and he's dedicated to skateboarding.

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