Getting' down in Guangzhou

In the beginning of March, 2012, Chris Haslam, Chris Mathis and myself took to the sky and crossed the Pacific in search of marble ledges and untouched spots. Being Chris Mathis' first trip out of the country, he did not know what to expect, but with our sights set on Guangzhou in the south of China we were ready to go. Haslam flew out from Los Angeles directly to Guangzhou while Mathis and I flew through Japan. A word to the wise: if you are used to carrying your board with you on a flight, in Japan they frown upon this. While going through security my skateboard and tripod were taken from me because they were too long. Mathis was sent on to stop the plane from leaving due to a tight connection. After going back and forth with the man, using only hand signals, I took my brand new board, broke it in two and he was immediately pleased as they let me pass through. Luckily, we made it without much more hassle and beelined it to the hotel where Haslam was waiting for us.

Once in Guangzhou our friends who were living in Shanghai, but are originally from Delaware, came to meet us for the duration of our stay. After a 20-hour train ride, Tommy Zhao, who would be handling the camera duties, and Mark Del Negro were there in full force. With rain on the forecast for ten consecutive days we were all a bit anxious, but the clouds parted ways and we had some great sessions and made some lasting memories. Since everyone was filming for their next respective video parts, this video is only a small sample of the fun that we had in China on our boards. Filmed by Tommy Zhao

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