Face Time: Jake Brown

Chris Nieratko

Jake Brown discusses the move from Blind to Skate Mafia.

The happenings in skateboarding that the mainstream like to latch onto tend to be the absurd and outlandish -- they don't even care if a trick is landed or not. Earlier this year 12-year-old Tom Schaar was thrust into the limelight when the YouTube video of him landing a 1080 air got 830,000 views. In 2007, our friend Jake Brown gained global notoriety by not landing a 540 and falling 50 feet out of the sky, in what's known as "The Slam Heard Around the World," leaving spectators of the X Games wondering if he was still alive.Β The YouTube of his fall has 2.5 million views.

Thankfully for skateboarding, the charismatic and fearless Jake Brown is still very much alive. While Brown competed in the X Games Big Air contest a few weeks ago he also announced that he was leaving his long-time board sponsor, Blind Skateboards, to join his partner in Laced Clothing, Peter Smolik's Skate Mafia. We caught up with Brown and Smolik on the Paradox Griptape summer tour at NJ Skateshop in Sayreville, N.J. to discuss the recent team change.

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