Raise the Curtain

Tadashi Yamaoda

Jack Curtain and LRG teammate Karl Watson ham it up at FTC.

Early in 2011, professional skateboarder Jack Curtin got sponsored by Fallen Footwear and talked about how it all went down in his past ESPN Face Time. Since then he has endorsed two of Jaime Thomas' signature shoe, the "Forte," with his own color ways. Now Curtain has achieved the goal of many of today's pro skaters: his own signature shoe!

Jack Curtin's "The Capitol" has just been released and his longtime shop sponsor FTC threw a party for him last Saturday night. PBR's were flowing and San Francisco's skate crew partied in full effect. Also, the legendary Cellski made a cameo and rapped for a hot minute. For those unfamiliar with Cellski, his Bay Area music has been used in Rob Welch's "Free Your Mind" video part along with Raul Navarro's part in Adidas's "Diagonal" video from 2009.

All in all it was a fun time. Best of luck to Curtain, his new shoe and of course thanks to FTC for keeping it real and hosting yet another significant event in SF!

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