Washington whips Oregon

Red Bull's Rivals contest pits the skaters of Washington against Oregon at Battle Ground skatepark.

Red Bull Rivals is a simple concept: assemble two teams of the best skateboarders from the Washington and Oregon states, throw in some energy drinks and have them go nuts at the Battle Ground skatepark in Battle Ground, Wash. At the end of the day, one state is crowned champion, much to the dismay of the other. The winning state receives a couple thousand dollars that will be donated to the DIY skatepark of their choice, (Washington chose the Marginal Way skatepark while Oregon chose Burnside). Over the last few years the Rivals competition has grown in popularity -- with larger crowds showing up, more skaters asking to enter and the level of skating has risen to a fever pitch.

Despite the name of the contest, Rivals, there's little rivalry to be seen. The Northwest is a close-knit, small skate community with most everyone knowing each other. In fact, each year at least one skateboarder seems to jump ship to the other skate, usually due to a move or because they simply felt like skating with some old friends they haven't seen in a while. David Gravette, Mikey Burton and Cam Barrett have each skated for both states over the last three years.

After a 90+ degree day and a several hours of skating, this year's Rivals title went to Washington state for the third year in a row -- though Oregon lost by just one point. When the verdict was dropped it was tough to see who actually won due to the fact everyone seemed to be having so much fun regardless of the outcome. Once the contest ended, both teams headed down to a nearby river for a BBQ to celebrate and cool down after a long, hot day of skating.

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