Hear No Evil


Loud Headphones- made by and for skateboarders.

This week professional skateboarder Mike Anderson and skateboard photographer David Broach launched Loud Headphones. The brand, only visible for a matter of days, already has a great buzz around their amazing team, their top notch website and Loud's partnership with the non-profit Let Them Hear Foundation.

Coming from a skater and photographer, Loud Headphone's motto is "Tune in. Turn on. Drop out." -- a fitting description for anyone who's ever been in a van on a skate tour or ridden on a commercial airline for that matter. The premise is that headphones provide some level of privacy, even in a crowd, offering solace and sanity when surrounded by chaos.

The team is an impressive who's who of pro skaters from coast to coast. The line-up comprised of Anderson's friends including; Kenny Anderson, Don "Nuge" Nguyen, Sammy Baca, Peter Ramondetta, Frank Gerwer, Zered Bassett, Clark Hassler, Fred Gall, Chima Ferguson, John Rattray, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Marc Johnson, Stefan Janoski, Nestor Judkins, David Reyes, Silas Baxter Neal, Pat Duffy, Neen Williams, Bryan Herman, Andrew Brophy, Windsor James, Jullian Davidson, Justin Brock and Anderson himself.


Loud Headphones rider Stefan Janoski. Frontside hurricane, Denver, Colo.

Anderson had been thinking about starting a company for a while, but a hard goods company was out of the question. It was really important that whatever he started be a vehicle for giving back to the community. "I'm in skateboarding, and everything's given to us." Anderson explained, "It's almost too overwhelming. We don't want to just start a headphone company, we want to do something for people."

Through their "Hear No Evil" project, Loud headphones will contribute one dollar from every pair of headphones sold to the Let Them Hear Foundation, which is a non-profit that works both locally and internationally to help people regain their hearing or in some cases, allows people to hear for the very first time. Specializing in cochlear implants and hearing aids, the foundation also participates in groundbreaking research and brings its expertise to those without access to advanced medical technologies.

Anderson became inspired while searching "hearing for the first time" on YouTube. Once he had researched the Let Them Hear Foundation, he became committed to helping, "I can do something and make an impact on peoples lives, more than just directing the company, I can help change peoples lives potentially and that's something I've always wanted to do."

A father of a toddler, Anderson personalized it saying, "Especially since I've had my daughter, during the pregnancy you're freaking out and hoping nothing goes wrong. Once you have kids you find out that it's so common for stuff to go wrong during pregnancy. So this just makes sense and we can help people hear their own voice or hear music for the first time."

Loud Headphones and accessories are made to be comfortable, loud and hold up in a session or in transit. With an exceptional team, an easy price point and an important collaboration that's sure to move and motivate buyers, Loud has carved out a great niche for themselves. To learn more about the Hear No Evil project and pick up a pair of Loud Headphones go to loudheadphones.com.

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