Face Time: Trevor McClung

Plan B am Trevor McClung hails from Huntington Beach, Calif. and grew up with a skateboard in his hand.

Trevor McClung is best known for his switch bigspin-flip attempts down the Carlsbad Gap at the TWS Carlsbad Gap competition. After he blew minds from almost rolling away from the trick he went back after the contest and landed it -- which then was put in the 100 Best Things in Skateboarding article by Skateboard Mag editor Dave Swift. McClung comes from a family of rippers; he's the middle brother between Taylor and Trent McClung. He's is a quiet, humble, freakishly talented ripper from Huntington Beach, Calif. McClung is one of the more technical street skaters coming up and skates for étnies, United Boardshop, Plan B, Plan B Clothing, Bones and Venture Trucks. He has placed top ten in three of the last five skate contests he's entered and has recently been putting in some hard work for his part in the upcoming Bones video.

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